To do things for Allah’s sake

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Question: Can you please explain what does it mean to do things for Allah’s sake.

Very easy, we follow what the Prophet asws says. What does the prophet mean, we follow what our shaykh says. To do things for Allah’s sake. To do things, knowing that Allah swt is looking at us. To be in zikr, in remembrance of him, to be sincerely knowing that he is with us, when we are doing it. And to not expect anything from this world as a reward, saying that, “Allah is enough for me, I am doing this for Allah sake. If Allah wants to reward me for this, He may. If Allah doesn’t want to reward, who am I to say anything?”

But what is the reason for doing it for Allah’s sake. In our way, we don’t do things for Allah’s sake to get something in return. We do things for Allah’s sake, number one, let’s for real, number one, to clean up all the dirtiness we carry before we met shaykh effendi. Number two, to please Allah, to please Him. Pleasing the Prophet, we are doing things for our shaykh’s sake here. To please our shaykh, not to get something. Not to do something, so that our shaykh can give us something. But just for him to be pleased, just for him to smile at us. Just for him to say, Afferen. That is enough for us that this whole world and everything in this creation cannot give us, cannot offer us because that is enough now. And that, that smile now and that happiness, that physical show, testimony has become so rare now. That is rare, it cannot exist anymore. That now we have to get it from a different way, a spiritual way.

More we are doing things for Allah’s sake, more that time he will be happy with us. Our Prophet will be happy with us, Allah swt will be happy with us. And if they are happy with us, they put sakinah in our heart, contentment. That time, the whole world can try to do something to you, you are not going to lose your faith. You are not going to be depressed, you are not going to be sad. Because if you please Allah, you pleased everything, everything that is pleased with Allah is pleased with you.

So inshAllah Ar-Rahman, that is our intention, to do things for Allah’s sake. Does that mean to do things for Allah’s sake, you may not gain something from it? Somewhere somehow? Of course it does. Does that mean that other people are not going to gain? Of course it does. But it is just like you are planting a grain and what comes out it is a straw. What comes out it is a wheat. If you have faith, this dunya, Allah is also opening up for you. It has been commanded to serve those ones who serve Allah. But don’t think dunya serving you means you are going to get one jet aeroplane, you are going to get beautiful mansion.

You are not going to get everything dunya is going to offer you the way it offers the unbelievers. When the dunya is serving the believers it is something else completely. When the dunya serves the believers, you see and you feel the hands of Allah, the Kerim of Allah, and the power of Allah, and it makes you to be closer to Allah. It doesn’t put a satr between you and Allah.

InshAllah ar-Rahman, we plan, our intention is to do things for the sake of Allah, and that time, dunya will be given, Ahirat is also given. But we are concentrating on ahirat, not on the dunya, although it maybe given to us. And the way our shaykh is making us to concentrate, is to make our Lord to be happy with us. It is, we are not here doing things, worshiping and doing other things to say, “oh today let me see, let me calculate I gain this much in paradise. I made this much castles. I gain this many things,” no.

It is knowing if Allah is happy with us. Because Allah is happy with us, that is our maksud, our Prophet asws and our shaykh to be pleased with us. It is for the pleasure of Allah swt. Those who have been in love, they understand this. If you haven’t been in love, you don’t know what the heck I am talking about. That’s why they say, they came to mawlana Rumi, wanting to be in tarikat, he says, “you ever falling in love.”

They says, “no.”

“Then go, fall in love, and then come back to us, Then you will understand.”

May Allah raise the station of our shaykh higher and higher, inshAllah. Our grandshaykh. May Allah raise our Holy Prophet asws, his station higher and to forgive us and keep us in safety. To keep us in strength and to keep us in clarity in those very dark and confusing times. Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam alaykum.

Sohbet by Shaykh Lokman Efendi
Jun 30, 2015

What are other ways of Paying Zakat?

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What are other ways of Paying Zakat?

Muslim are paying Zakat properly? Or so many masjids they are just busy collecting zakat? Collecting Sadaqat, collecting. Every Friday, Imam is going to stand up there, and say, “brothers, don’t forget there is a box there, put something.” The Imam becomes a beggar. Using the minbar of Prophet asws, to take money from people.

Is this not true? Every Friday, everyone is saying, “zakat brother, zakat. Masjid need zakat.” Sometimes it is not enough, they are going to get other people to have fundraising. Yahudi style. Fundraising. Not enough? They are going to take that box, before they start the khutbah, before they start the Jumah, they make sure the box make the round, so everyone put something in there.

This is forbidden. This is not Muslim way. This is Christian way. They pass the pan and everyone is going to put. This is not the way, that’s why Masjid is getting empty. There is no barakat through that money. The masjids are getting empty. Couple of people with some money in their pockets saying, “Let’s built a masjid for what? Not for Allah, you know, for social activities, social clubs, so we know each other.” They built, one generation later, their children said, “why I have to be here? It is my parents’ masjid. There is no pull for me here.” They will leave. Masjids are emptying out in America.

Why is that? Because there is no barakat with the money. One of the reasons, because they are just using that office now for just to collect money. So much. They can collect a lot, you know. We are very stupid, we never collect money. Alhamduilah, we are stupid for the sake of Allah. That’s okay.

There is a small, you know, studio in Manhattan, that they are renting for one day of the week, for juma. They can collect tens of thousands of dollars. Just one day. We have fear from Allah. We have fear from the Prophet asws, from our shaykh. There is something there, your heart must pull you. I want to do something, I will do something. We are not going to ask no one for nothing. Allah is going to provide. Allah will send. We have to work, of course, but we are not going to ask.

You take that box to pass from one to one like that, you don’t know who is next to you, maybe that one is very beloved to Allah, he may looks like he is nothing. Maybe that one is a friend of Allah, and you are forcing him to put something in there. It is not sincere. You are forcing him to put something in there, and everyone is looking, because everyone now is making a show, especially during Ramazan, they are making a show now. And they are going to announce, “oh so and so donate one thousand, mashAllah, we are praying for him. So and so donate ten thousand, subhanAllah. We are going to make him a wali, so and so…”

It becomes… This is not Islam, it’s other tradition. Prophet asws said, “what your right hand gives, the left hand must not know.” Now, what your right hand gives, the whole world must know. Not only that, what the left hand does wrong, now you are going to open to the whole world to know. Not only the good, wrong, completely you are not suppose to open. Now wrongs everyone knows, they are opening everyone. This is not Islam. Maybe because you are break the heart of that one who is beloved to Allah, Allah is not going to be happy with you, and the punishment will fall to the whole community. That’s why we are seeing so many Islamic communities they are stuck. Stuck. Not going anywhere.

So, I am not going into different ways of giving zakat. Because we don’t really qualify, to give zakat more than what is put down by the law.

They asked Imam Abu Hanifah about the law of zakat, and he was explaining it. That he said, “well, for us it is a little bit different.” And at that time also, there are some kind of Wahabi minded people, say, “what is this you are speaking? This is according to shariat? ” And Abu Hanifah is saying, “my son, we are following the law of zakat, this is for the awam, one-fortieth part.” I am making it very simple. “But for us, we are following the tradition of Siddiqul Akbar. Abu Bakr Sidtiq ra. He did not give one-fortieth, he gave everything. That is our Zakat. It is not for the awam. It is for those ones who is following the ways of Siddiqul Akbar.” He didn’t just give everything, he even give his wife and his children.

That is the meaning of his reply, when the Prophet asws says, “Ya Abu Bakr, what did you leave for your wife and your children?” He says, “Allah and His Prophet.” His property, who did he give? In the way of Allah and His Prophet, isn’t it? So that means he even give his wife and his children to Allah and His Prophet. But this is high intelligence, the high makam of Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq. He turn it around and he says, “Allah and his Prophet is for them.”

Once you start giving, you will get. Understand? We have some understanding. Of course all those problems in the world affecting people, affecting the Muslims, if the Muslims just from the Zakat alone, they can take every single person who is a Muslim out from poverty, out from difficulty. It’s not because we don’t have the money, but because Islam is not ruling anymore. The tyrants they are ruling. Tyrants in the outside look, they looks like they are Muslims, and they are ruling, and they have so much money. They don’t care if Syrian children, they are being starving themselves to death. They don’t care. Okay? But if you look at them, they are going to say, we are the real Muslims, we are the custodians of the Holy Places.

So something is wrong is somewhere. Look to ourselves inshAllah. Don’t look to the zakat part. Look to the part that when we are being very selfish, we are being very possessive, we are being not very generous. Look to that. Fix that. Because nothing that we have belong to us. It is an amanat, it is a trust that Allah gives to us. Yes, even our family, even our children.

May Allah not test us. But Allah swt is also saying, “do you think that you are going to go to the high stations from the Companions, from those high level ones, without going through the test that they went through?”

So yes, everything has a price. But Allah is saying, “you take one step to me,” especially for the people of Ahir Zaman, “we will take ten steps to you.” So for us, some ways are very difficult, but in some ways it is very easy. Show your sincerity and it will be okay inshAllah. Wamin Allahu taufiq. Al Fatiha. Amin Selam alaykum.

Seyh Lokman Efendi
Aug 29, 2015

The real meaning of tenth of Muharram 3/3

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The real meaning of tenth of Muharram 3/3
Sohbet by shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi
Muharram 10, 1432
Osmanli Nakisbendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Like I said there is so many incidents happen in the muharram, we finished tonight with just two. So many things are going to happen, so many things happening today and tomorrow. Worldly and heavenly so many things happening. So, inshAllah, this will give you some guidance. Don’t forget, no matter who you are, you are just a servant. Either you are a good servant, or you are a bad servant. You can make much as tyranny, you can much as fitna, everything is going to be turn back to you. It’s not going to stay nowhere, it’s going to reach back to you. Any wrong thing that you cause, is going to reach back to you.

Just like Habil and Cabil. Cabil killed his brother. He is the first one who did killing. Any second, anywhere in the world, when there will be a killing, Cabil is getting another punishment. That burden goes to his neck again too. it’s not removing from the neck of that one who did the killing. But there is another punishment going to Cabil, because he started the wrong thing. Habil became martyr. Anytime, anywhere people they got martyred, one more secret reaches to Habil, because he sacrificed himself to his Lord. He didn’t fight back although he was more stronger than Cabil. And he say to Cabil, when his brother saying to him, “I am going to kill you.” He says, “my brother, if you try to kill me. to know that I have fear from Allah. I will not kill you.” An shaytan that time reached to him, “you see, he is scared of you, now finish him.” Habil didn’t do nothing. And he just went completely clean, and he is getting all the reward.

Anytime when somebody runs to does adultery, one goes to Cabil, because he is the first one who became disobedient to his father, and did adultery. So every wrong thing that is happening going to that one. If you are opening one door to the wrong things you are also receiving very heavy punishment. If you are opening a door for a goodness, one book open to you, you are receiving goodness in that book. So whatever you do, you are doing it to yourself, good or bad, if you are going and harming somebody, Allah is their Protector. Allah is going to protect them. But punishment is going to reach back to you. If you think you reach to that person worldly, and you harmed him, you didn’t. Worldly it may look that way, and that person may goes out from this world because of that, will receive the highest part of the paradise, and you will receive the worst punishment that time.

Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam saying, “making confusion, it is worse than killing a believer.” In these days, so many running to make confusion. You are running to make confusion, because you making judgment everything about yourself. You are making shariah to your own self, that’s why you are making confusion. Shariah. Law. Saying, this is okay, this is not okay. Those words that you are making law, and those law they cause confusion, and you getting into trouble. You are not going to have peace, definitely you will not. More confusion you make, more trouble you are just going to get into. And this is what happened to people, people they are not waking up to say, “what is really happening to me? I am not that bad. I am not running killing somebody, I am not running making adultery, I am not… but this incidents happening to me. and I have no peace.” Yes. Don’t you hear what Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam is saying, making confusion is just like killing a believer. Killing a believer is committing all other sins. So you are getting the burden in dunya on your neck.

So save yourself. Because you cannot damage no one except your own self. if you are doing something good. And you are thinking that you are doing something good. Until you bring it out from your tongue, it writes for your benefit. Soon as you say to something, I did this to you, you lost the benefit of ahirat. The benefit of ahirat is gone, because you didn’t do it for Allah, you did it for somebody else. And Allah saying to you in the judgment day, forget your right from that one. What are you going to do that time? So do everything for yourself, meaning do thing for Allah’s sake, this way you will find them in your grave. Whatever you do in dunya, you are going to leave them in dunya anyway. You cannot bring it. But if you do things in Allah’s way in dunya, you are going to find it in the grave. If you do things bad in dunya, what Allah forbids. What Allah forbids is haraam. What Allah allows you to do is halaal.

One of the biggest reason Allah subhana wa ta ala sends the prophets, first to tell who their Lord is. To teach them who is their Lord. And to teach them the Laws of their Lord. To say this you can do, this you cannot do. This is halaal, this is haraam. So when you break the line of halaal and haraam, and you doing it according to your head. You sending it to your grave. what you send to your grave? the snakes and scorpions. Any haraam that you do, you are going to find it in the grave, to become snake and scorpion to you. They are not coming from outside. You can build a nice place clean and put flowers in it. As soon as you put that body in there, snakes and the scorpions they are going to appear, nothing else. (1:02:11)

So think again, if you think you have the luxury to deal with them, in the grave. Be my guest, live with them forever. But before you do that. Don’t look how the snake or the scorpion stung you. Take one bee, and put it on yourself, then you will understand that time if you are able to bear. I have a macho man here, going around, oohh, I can knock you down. Ohh. He see that I am getting a bee therapy, he thinks that it is so easy, he says shaykh is doing it, I can do it. I can do it. And he want to put one bee on him. Three days he is complaining. Three days he is suffering from one bee, that same night I put 20 on me. Yeah. His face is there, he didn’t move his feet like this. And he says, maybe something, nothing happened. What happened to me is red everywhere, nothing happen to him, but that’s how it is.

The reality, when the reality comes, it’s not only him, so many of you will be the same. Don’t think that bee just stung you and it just moved it like that and that’s how it is. No that’s how it is. You are going to keep it there. and it’s pumping in all the poison, he is leaving his heart there, so he is pumping all the poison inside of you. That is the time you may understand a little bit maybe. If you cannot stand to get stung by a bee, don’t send a cobra into your grave. don’t send the scorpion. Because scorpion they are really bad. Yeah. If they don’t find nothing to stung, they turn around they stung themselves, and they died. They are so stubborn.

So wake up to yourself, and this is the reality. You can call yourself, I am a free man. You can say I am free from all that. You can do whatever you want. Prophet they gave these warnings to us, and they said we are not free from that. we are servants. You still think you have the luxury, because you are American, or you are Westerner. Go open grave. to see how many you are going to find in rest. Go and open. But go open in the East, you will find so many in their grave complete. Because they became human. Not only their name, no thinking today human rights, human rights, and running around destroying everything else around. They became human. They became servant to Allah subhana wa ta ala, so they reached to eternal life in their grave. Right now they are in their paradises. So many they are in VIP paradise where Holy Prophet is waiting. Nobody has entered into the real paradise yet. There is a special paradise place in barzakh, they are waiting. Mahdi is going there back and forth too. So many is going back and forth, coming. Those ones who go there never want to look at this world anymore.

So think on it again. And, maybe night like this makes you and me to start feeling. Because the hearts are dead. DEAD. No feeling anymore, not feeling nothing. Nothing. That’s when why sometimes when you slap a person, nothing happens. DEAD! No reaction to them. Anytime you show reaction to anything in the West now, they say, we need to bring you to psychiatrist, cause you get upset. You are getting upset. Don’t get angry. So you go sitting in front of doctor saying, this is what happened to me. He say, no, shouldn’t get upset. No, don’t get angry. So become just like grass, and die.

Allah created you human, you have to feel. You have to cry. You have to laugh. You have to hate. Eh. What? Islam is teaching us to hate? (Shaykh Efendi laughed) Yeah, you have to hate those that they are hating Allah and His Prophet. For Allah’s sake, not for your own ego. So you lost. You finding everywhere familiarity, today’s people, today’s Muslim. The man is gay, it’s oky, I mean it’s not bothering me. It’s normal, it’s okay. I have good relationship with him. he is a good guy. She is a lesbian, it’s okay, it’s a good person. Finding familiarity with that. yes. Because this is the what the system has teach you. Slowly, find that familiarity, and slowly if it’s not you, next generation after you becomes like that.

That’s why everything you eat and drink in this country too, if it’s for man, they put woman’s hormone in it. It’s not a joke. If it’s for the female, they put male hormone in it. That’s why you see today’s woman acting like man, screaming, going out Ahhhh. What’s happening to you? Is this the reason of your creation? Is this why you have been created for? Even the animal they run away from you that time. Yes. The man, feminine kind of man now. feminine. I feel this, I feel that. Yeah. Take that a man for a jihad. What jihad? you are talking Jihad? Brother, don’t say this word, no jihad in Islam. Yes. Why? Because you want to build a world, you want to build a generation that they don’t respond to nothing. We take everything, and they don’t respond. You do whatever you do to them, they don’t respond. You may not respond when they take the whole world away from you. Yes. Don’t respond, It’s okay, give it to them, you are going to leave it and go anyway. Don’t fight for this dunya.

But they are taking your religion away. You lost your religion. They teach you Christianity Islam. And you are sitting over there fighting with me. Saying to me, no. you are too tough and you are too rough. You have no heart, you don’t… you are a liar, you promised me this, but you didn’t give me this. Well, to everyone of you. You can call me liar, you can call me tyrant. You can call me a bully. You can call me Dajjal. You can call me shaytan if you want. It’s okay. I am not going to cry for it. Because I know. I already learned a long time ago, that I became a servant to Allah. Those who is standing on the way, for Islam not to rise. As I said to you earlier, I will not hesitate, if it’s two of my eyes, and one is standing on my way, I will take it and throw it away. If it’s my own son who is going to stand in front of me, hear this, I swear to Allah, that I will not hesitate hitting with the sword and getting rid of his head. Yes, this much of heart I have, it’s not heartless. That much heart I have. Yes. (1:12:00)

Those days are at the door. I am hoping and praying that none of this happens. But I also seeing so many other things happening. So at least don’t stand on the way. Move to the corners. Because I have an aim to go. Yes, I have a dream that I have seen in 1976. 1976 when I came to this country. About 10 days later there was a black out. America couldn’t carry the electricity. So everything burned. And I have seen a dream. That dream is continuing from that day in 1976 until now. I know the year when it’s ending. Every year is step by step, I am reaching there. You wasn’t there 1976 to help me. Some says you are helping me. No you wasn’t there.

You may not be there in the date that I have just said when it’s coming to an end. At least good things you did, don’t burn it. kafirs understood. You didn’t. The secular Turks they understood. But you didn’t. You understand nothing. Shaytans they understood. That’s why they coming to you, to make you to be angry to me. Get angry as much as you want. Get so angry as if you want and hit yourself to the wall, and crack it if you want. If you are not doing it for Allah’s sake, my heart is not going to move. But if you do a drop of thing for Allah’s sake, I will cry for you forever. That’s how it is.

So, what a night, so many incidents happened. Incidents that happened, we cannot even bear to think correctly. Those people they were calling also themselves civilized. Those people they were also calling themselves that we are believers. Those people were the ones who run to destroy the haqq under the name of haqq. Those are the people that they didn’t have borderlines. They reached to Kabba and they burned down the Kabba too. They reached to Madinah, they tried to destroy the Madinah. They are Khalifah of Islam too. They were Muslims. So many they were sahabi. Those who keep the order of Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam they reached to safety.

One day, Holy Prophet saying, that when your women, they give you order. Do otherwise. Says, if they want talk to you nicely to do something, it’s a different story. But when they give you order to do things. Do otherwise. Do opposite. So when Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam moved from this world, so many couldn’t stay in Madinah anymore. Madinah became like a jahannem to them, because they are smelling prophet everywhere. But they are not seeing prophet anymore. You don’t understand that love, because your heart is dead. DEAD. There is love like that still, but your heart is dead. And you can get the smell of Prophet instantly yes. But when the heart is dead, everything is closed.

So we are try to generate, you know, making some electric shock. You didn’t hear this words anywhere. You are not going to hear anywhere. Maybe it will be an electric shock to you to wake up maybe. So so many sahabi they didn’t stay. And they asked Holy Prophet, Ya Rasullullah, if one day you are not here, and we need immigration, we need to go out from Madinah, where we should immigrate. And he said to them, Shams, Damascus. And so many sahabi they moved to Sham. Cause they couldn’t stay in madinah anymore.

They didn’t go to Makkah. Knowing that every rakat they are praying, they are going to hundred thousand rewards. They didn’t stay in madinah, that every rakaat they are doing, they are getting fifty thousand reward. They went completely different ways. To the city that has never been heard. Ayub Sultan, reached to Istanbul, so many like him. They are buried in Istanbul. They didn’t stay. And so many reached to Cyprus, to Damascus to different area, to India, all the way to China. They brought the light of Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam. They didn’t bring books. They didn’t bring computers. They didn’t bring money, they didn’t bring language to them. They brought the light of the Prophet there. and Islam is there. The people they move to Damascus, so the couple moved to Damascus.

One day the man was fixing the roof, and the wife is watching from down stair in the courtyard and he is right next to the edge of the roof. And she is saying, “MY HUSBAND! DON’T PUT ONE MORE STEP BACKWARD! BECAUSE YOU WILL FALL DOWN!” Given order. Saying, “don’t put one step backward!” And he is on the roof, saying, “my wife is saying, and the Prophet saying to me, you must do otherwise, because she is given order”. And he put one step backward. Pu la. He fall down from the roof, and he broke his leg from hip. And he is suffering. And she is so happy at the same time so angry saying, “you didn’t listen to me. I told you don’t put one step backward and you are going to fall down. And you just did the opposite what I said to you and you did. “

He is suffering with the pain. And saying to her, “my wife. Didn’t you hear when Holy Prophet said to us, when your wife give orders, do otherwise?” She said, “yes, but look what happened!” He says, “well, I keep obedience to the word of Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam, even if he is not here. Wait to see what happens.” Say, “what happens, you are just going to suffer over there, until you get cured.” He says, “we will see. We will see.” And he is sitting in the bed. And every time she’s coming, saying “I told you! This happened.” He says, “wait to see what is it.” She says, “what are you going to see. You are just suffering.”

Some days later. Yazeed is collecting soldiers. To do what? To go to kill hazrat Husain. And to finish ahlu bayt completely. This way they will never claim khlifat again after that. That sahabi was very high. Yazeed came to his house personally. Saying, going to visiting sahabi saying, when these strong sahaba with me, I will not get that bad credit. So he came to sahabi, wife saying, “he is sick, he is in the back.” He came, say, “okay. this much rest is enough. Get up. We are going.” He says, “where are we going? Yazeed.” He says, “we are going to Karbala.” He says, “I cannot do.” Yazeed says, “why?” He says, “I have broken my leg from the hip. And I cannot move.” Yazeed get so upset. Saying, “check him.” They checked. And say, “yes. His feet is broken from the hip.” He says, “we cannot carry him. He will be a burden to us. Leave him here.”

So they left. So he called his wife, he says, “wife. Did you see what happened? When I became obedient to the Prophet? Yes, I broke my hip. But my name is not in the book saying, these are the one that had reached to kill Hazrat Husain. My name is not going to reach there. If I listen to you. My name was going to be in it. because Yazeed I couldn’t fight back to him. He will force me to go. So, because I didn’t listen to you. And I show obedience to the Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam. Me and you have reached to safety.”

Salam alaykum wa rahmahtullah wa barakutu.

Take it anyway you want. Any words that I said, take it anyway you want. Anyone of you. It doesn’t bother me. Don’t think you are going to upset or you are going to be angry. Because so many times, I m hearing these word, I am upset, I am angry. Go to sleep by yourself. That’s what you are doing anyway. Don’t sleep with me, if you are upset with me. If you are giving me food, don’t give me no food if you are upset with me. If you are upset with these words, don’t come around to hear them. Wait until the time comes, that I will pull you through your chain, and that time you will sit inside the snow out there. I will promise you. That’s what’s going to happen to those people. Because you are not going to run. You are not going to escape. This is the ship of Nuh alayhi salam, in this part of the world. There isn’t too many.

Salam alaykum rahmahtullah wa barakatu. Fatiha. Amin.

The real meaning of tenth of Muharram 2/3

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The real meaning of tenth of Muharram 2/3
Sohbet by shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi
Muharram 10, 1432
Osmanli Nakisbendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

So now, so many other incidences happens in the day of muharram, we will speak a couple more word, very bad ones that happened. Muharram. 10 Muharram. What is that you know? Karbala. Karbala. Area there is curse coming. yes. The curse is raining. Since that day, curse never stopped. Empty heads they running questioning Allah. Questioning Allah and His Prophet saying, why the people of Iraq, why is that area always getting into trouble? Poor people. Yes. Tell you how much poor everyone is.

When hadrat Husain radiAllahu an. He didn’t asked nothing from them. Everywhere is tyranny. They send hundreds of letters to him. From all those area from Kufa to Iran to Iraq to all that areas, saying, Ya Husain, come! Be our leader. Because the suffering is everywhere. Yazeed is doing this everywhere. Hazrat Husain walked to his destiny. Don’t think that hazrat Husain trusted them. Because his brother gave him warning saying, “my brother, these people they have betrayed our father, Hazrat Ali. They have betrayed Hazrat Hasan, they will betray you. They have betrayed so many others.” He says, “my brother, you know I am walking to my destiny.” He says, “in that case. I will hug you.” And go. And he did.

When he left Madinah, 5000 people walk with him out. When they reached to the area of Karbala, they became more. When Yazeed send the soldiers and they surrounded them. Hazrat Husain said to them, “I only want one thing. Just open the way. I walk through from here, and I go to the land where Islam is not ruling. I will not stay under the tyranny. I will not live under the tyrant who is breaking the law of Allah openly, and he is a khalifah.” He says, “for that reason, open my way, I will take my family, I go to Byzantines.” Yazeed gave strong orders saying, “no way out. You are going to kill them all there.” Those general, they didn’t know. Hur, he goes back and forth to Husain RadiAllahu an, saying, Ya Husain accept what he is saying. he says no. and he himself even, never thinking that Yazeed is going to give orders to be killing hazrat Husain and his children.

But hazrat Husain knew that. and when they tightening the areas, they shut the water, slowly, so many of them that they came with hazrat Husain, they start betraying, they start leaving. Just for the water, they leave sayyid alone. And some stay with him. That night. He speak to them. It was dark, there was no moon. He said to them. Hazrat Husain, he said to them. “You all came here with me. I know. So many of you want to leave. So many of you thinking that Yazeed is just bluffing. But he is not. By tomorrow noontime. We may not be here. So many of you is around me, because you are waiting for me to be khalifah, and for you to have the dunya. The door is open to you. I will not complain about you on the judgment day, that you left me alone. I know after all these. After these many days. You are feeling shy to leave. But you really don’t want to be here.” He said to them, “there is no moon tonight. I am going inside my tent. By fajr prayer, you can leave everyone of you in that darkness. I will never complain about you.” They screamed, “Ya Husain, our lives is sacrifice for you.”

He entered to his room. When fajr is happening, he came out, he found only his family around him. They all left. What happened to those people you think? They left for safety. They fall into the hands of Yazeed’s soldier, and Yazeed gave strong orders, saying, “those who betray Husain, radiallahu an, definitely they will betray me. So don’t give them chance of life. Cut their neck off.” They all died. That general that order has reached to him, and saying to him the order.

Maybe you don’t know so much of the history also, but you know there is ten people from ashrah mubasharah, one of them, is what? That sahabi that is buried in China. (Murid said: Saad ibn Abi Waqas.) Right. Saad ibn Abi Waqas. Ibni Waqas is his father. He is the only person Holy Prophet said, Ya Waqas, my father and my mother is sacrifice to you. And his son grow up together. Yazeed, Hazrat Husain, and his son. They grew up in the same place. look what dunya does to people. I am seeing that with everyone. Just a drop. Drop of dunya makes people to change soooo much.

Yes. And the sahabi that is from ashra mubasharah, his son, betrayed hazrat Husain because Yazeed promised him that he will make him to be the governor of Iran, Persia. And he gave order to Hur, the general, saying, “today by noontime you gotta finish this. You gotta cut them all.” And Hur was shocked. He never expected this, he never liked this. He thought that they wcere continuing bluffing. But they didn’t. He saying, “you are given order for Hazrat Husain, and his children, these grandchildren of the Prophet to be slaughtered?” He said, “yes, this is the order coming from Yazeed, from halifah.”

He says okay. He goes into his room. He says to his brother and his son who was there. He says to them, “this is what had happened. This is the order that just reached. I swear until now, I haven’t thought to go to side of Husain, but now definitely I go to his side. And I will die before him. You are my brother. You are my son. You are also the general of this army. You do as you like.” He say, “oh my brother I am with you.” Son saying, “I am with you too.” And they came as usual. Coming back and forth talking with Husain radiallahu an, and Husain radiallahu an is also waiting for the order to happen. He is seeing they are coming. And saying, “what happened?” He said, “Ya Husain, you must forgive me. Because this is what happened. For that, now I am going to be in front now. and I sacrificed my life to you.” And that’s what he did.

And this is from the spiritual side, another part that I am just going to say. That no shia, and no sunni knowing this too. When Hazrat Husain is on his horse, ready to go, there is 5000 thousands soldiers waiting. He is only 50 soldiers, he didn’t go back. He didn’t hide himself. He sit on his horse. The kings of the jinn they were there. The army of jinn were there too. They said, “ya Husain, give us the permission, we will finish them all instantly.” He says, “There is no permission to that. From Allah and His Prophet there is no permission to that.” they says, “in that case give us the permission that we will remove you from the horse.” He says, “there is permission for that.” And instantly, they remove hazrat Husain from the horse, and the king of jinns saying, “one of you (jinn) sit on his horse,” and he appears as Husain. And since that day, hazrat Husain he is living. Right now, they are in same area with hazrat Mahdi, hazrat Ali, so many others, waiting to come back to see the flag of Islam is raising.

So we have so many incidents waiting for us. This is not a fairy tale. I know that none of you have understood the seriousness of this. I know. Maybe you will. Before that, may be you will and I hope. I hope that you will understand. There is nothing worth in this dunya and everything in it to sacrifice for. Believe me. Sacrifice yourself for Allah and for His Prophet, for His religion, there is nothing else. That time, you live forever. That time you are going to live forever, you are going to gain that forever. All that you are running after, they are going to leave you one day. This world is the world of traitors now. Don’t forget, for males and females. No man should think that they are better than Hazrat Husain. No females should that they are better than hazrat Hasan’s wife, who poison hazrat Hasan. Think on it. Think. yes. The same ego that was there is inside of you. No man should think that they are better than Yazeed. Their ego. No man should think that they are better than those people who that had betrayed hazrat Husain.

If you really believe on that, then you will be on side of Husain definitely. Definitely that time you will correct yourself day and night. And Hazrat Husain, yes, he is coming with hazrat Mahdi toghther, with Hazrat Ali together. Nobody knows where the grave of hazrat Ali is. Some knows. How you know this? No me. Seventy thousand spirits knows how Adam alayhi salam have come into creation. They were watching when Allah was creating Adam alayhi salam, there is seventy thousand of them. They were watching, how shaytan became disobedient to Allah. Those seventy thousand. It’s only seventy thousand from those billions of spirits. Seventy thousand spirits is watching. Watching how Allah created everything. They were watching. How the flood of Nuh happened. They were watching how Idris alayhi salam is taking to paradise, they were watching how Isa alayhi salam is taking to the paradise. They were watching and hearing when Allah is talking to Musa alayhi salam. They were watching when Muhammad alayhi salam wa tu salam was receiving. They were watching, they are still watching. Some they came and they passed. They are still watching. Some they are in this world with the physical form watching. Those ones they know. I know one who knows that, and I am this from them. He is teaching me. One day you will see in the judgment day. This is not a matter for you sit to think, to make argument, to fight back and forth to think this one knows, or this one doesn’t knows. If you are there, you will know too.

So so many other incidents happened. I think this much should be enough for you, for tonight. This much bombardment maybe, maybe makes you just to wake up a bit. If not, it’s okay, you can go back to sleep until the last call. But the last call is not going to be that easy that time. And, believe me. Hazrat Mahdi doesn’t need anyone of us. We are in need of him. he doesn’t need us. He is supported through paradise. He is supported through the angels.

Something that’s going to happen has never happened in the world. As Holy Prophet saying, the time of Golden Age that people thinking that living in the time of Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam. But the sahabi e kiram, they were going through so much difficulties, they never have the luxury of this world in their hand. In the time of Mahdi, the world is going to change, everything is going to change. The world is just going to be like a paradise, but after the war. Not before. After when Isa alayhi salam is coming down, getting rid of Dajjal and all things. He is finishing tyrants, and unbelievers. There will be no shaytan left on the earth, breathing the air. They will all fall down in coma, they cannot breath the air. They stay in their place, until Isa alayhi salam goes out from this world again. So there will no shaytan going around, making fitna, and no shaytanic people will be staying that time.

So this is real. This are the knowledge that has just passed to us, from our shaykh. I don’t have it in the book. I am not reading it to you from the book. What I just said to you, you don’t find it in books. Only those one know, they are watching knows. Rest, they have to listen.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

The real meaning of tenth of Muharram 1/3

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The real meaning of tenth of Muharram
Sohbet by shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi
Muharram 10, 1432
Osmanli Nakisbendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

We will say a couple of words. The real meaning. What is the meaning of this tenth of Muharram? So many, so many incidents happened. So many is going to happen. So many is happening. But the children of Adam are in ghaflat. Especially those people whose is waiting and believing. Who is waiting and believing that Mahdi is going to come.

Believing, we are waiting and believing. Do you know what you are waiting? Do you know what you are waiting to happen? Did you understand the seriousness of what’s going to happen? Did you sit down one day by yourself 5 minutes to say to yourself, if this happening in my time, did I really understand the seriousness of this matter? The seriousness of Mahdi alayhi salam? You didn’t. Because if you did. You cannot be this heedless. Those who did, they cannot be this heedless. Those who understand the meaning of shahadah cannot be this heedless. Impossible. Those who give values to the shahadah, cannot be this heedless. Cannot be doing what you all are doing. If you really understand the value, what Allah SWT has grant you with, if you did understand, you will become a carpet on the floor for the people to step on you. Just to think you may be save somebody also.

But no. it goes other way around. I am running to bring people. Some of you are running to kick them away. I say you have no right to speak anymore. None of you. Yes. To the Muslims. Up until now, what did you did? Go to speak non Muslim, say whatever you want, bring them to Islam. Say whatever you are going to say, bring them to Islam, make them to say the shahadah. Not Muslim who born Muslim, not caring. Not those who came after Islam and stop caring. Why you are not caring? Because your heart is dead. Because you are selfish. Because you didn’t understand the value of the sahahdah that you are carrying. Yes.

Auzubillahinashaytan nirajim

Nuh alayhi salam, the real meaning of the Muharram. One of the biggest real meanings. What is it? In this day, in tenth of Muharram, those people who they became disobedient to Allah, to His Prophet, they are sinking into the waters. And those who are obedient, they entered to the ship with Nuh alayhi salam, they just sat down to Mountain of Judah. The ship just sit. Tenth of Muharram, safety have reached, one more time mercy have reached to the children of Adam, for them to multiply again, for them to reach the corners of this world again. It was only a handful of people, from those millions, it was only a handful of people who reached to safety.

Do you think Nuh alayhi salam was very happy when he seeing them sinking, they were screaming and they were dying? Do you think he was enjoying in the ship? Do you think so? No, he didn’t. He cried for them for 950 years. For 950 years he called them to obedience to Allah SWT, they became more arrogant, more stubborn. More he went, more arrogant, more stubborn they became. They were running after them. He was just saying to them, stop living this life, this is not right. This is not what your Lord wants from you. They say, “who are you to tell us how we are going to live? We are going to live as we like. We are free. Do you know that people is going to come in ahir zaman?” That knowledge has opened to them. “That they all going to be like that. We are going to be just like them. We are going do whatever we want. You are not going to tell us nothing.” And they run, they beat him up. They make him like a dead person. He got up, he went to his house, he became cured again, he went back to them again.

He said, “oh my nation, wake up. Wake up.” They are saying, “you are calling us to wake up. You are telling us something is going to happen. You have been saying this for years, nothing is happening. How ignorant you are. How old you became. You are not waking up to you own self huh? And you are not living your life? And you are coming to bother us with this too. You are not letting any peace in us. Come here!” They start beating him again. Beating him up again. He goes, he comes back again.

Over 600 years. He begged and cried for them. He went out of his way. He cried for them. He did. He cried for them. He wasn’t crying for himself. Because he knew he was just a messenger, he knew whatever Allah wants He is going to do. But Allah gave him the job. And he had to do. And he had to go back to them. Over 600 years. Your life on the face of earth is only 60 years. Holy Prophet SAWS is saying. This nation, life is only 60 years. If you are 60, who knows instantly you may go. Or you may reach more. But the life is 60. Life is gone. They lived thousand years. They didn’t listen.

Finally, Nuh alayhi salaam was so fed up with them, he never asked anything. He never complained. One day he just opened his hand and saying, “Ya Rabbi, do not leave any creature on the face of earth, who is disobedient to you. Who is eating your rizqs, who is living with your sustenance, and they are being disobedient to your Orders. Don’t leave one.” Right the way, response came, “I accept your prayer. Because you didn’t ask me anything this many years. Because you ask this now, I accepted it. Build the ship.” He start building the ship. It took almost 200 years to build the ship.

While he is building the ship, he is crying for them, saying to them what he has done. “Knowing that I did this, through anger I ask Allah, and Allah accepted it. So turn around, is still way out. Turn around, ask forgiveness. You will reach to safety.” They say to him, “you crazy? You lost your mind? You are going on the top of the mountain, building a ship and saying the water is going to reach here? Definitely you lost your mind.”His own wife didn’t listen to him. His own son didn’t listen to him. Allah didn’t look at it to say, this is your own son. This is your own wife. Finally, He said to him, “leave them. They are just disobedient like the other ones. Turn your face back to ship.” Prophet knows, if I say one more word, I will sink with them too. He turned around. And they all sink. Yes.

The water that they were thinking that were never going to happen. It was sunshine. When everyone is entering to the ship, he said to them,” time is up. Everyone entered to the ship.” They came and they were making jokes. They saying, “look. How stupid they are. In summer time like this, look, they are entering to the ship, look. So shiny everywhere. Look at them what they are doing. How brainless they are! Look at it.” And Nuh alayhi salam saying to them, “don’t look anywhere. Get inside. Shut the doors.” They shut the doors. And he looked, one wind start coming from the air. Little bit cloud. That dark cloud is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Everything changed instantly. Not only the water coming from the sky, water is start coming from the earth up. Going up like that.

The world was one piece. You didn’t have the continents. Do you know what kind of history this world went through? You are so intelligent every one of you. Going to university and learning. What are you learning? What you are learning? Nothing. Not even dunya to understand how this thing has happened. And nobody is denying the flood of Nuh alayhi salaam. The believers and the unbelievers they are not denying. They are all running to find where exactly the ship is. They are all running, but they didn’t find the ship, they are not going to find the ship. It is also going to appear soon also. So many secrets is going to come out from there. But not through the hands of unbelievers. Not through the hands of technology too.

So now Nuh alayhi salam, and that is not a normal water. Don’t think that was a normal water. It’s just acid, burning. Burning everything. And anybody sink in it, they start burning. The cells in their body start burning. Ahli haqq, people of truth, they still hearing the screaming of Nuh alayhi salam’s people. Nothing is disappearing on the face of earth. Because you are heedless, don’t think that everything is heedless. Every word that you are saying, you are talking anywhere you talking, it is circling around, never disappear. People of Haqq, they hear them. If it’s not tonight, tomorrow. It it’s not tomorrow, next month, they will hear what you are saying. Just like what they are screaming and still they are screaming.

So what happen to those people? What disobedience brought to them? In those days, those that they were obedient ones, they reach to safety, in dunya and their ahirat. Those who were disobedient, they reach to their end in dunya and they reach to their eternal life to the end of ahirat. Who you think you are? Who you are? You are just one of the grandchildren of those people that entered to the ship. The other ones they sink. And by the time that has reach to you, who knows how many times your lineage has been broken? Why you think that you are so valuable? And you are walking on the face of earth like you created the mountains?

What makes you to be so proud, the knowledge? Your knowledge is zero. When we compare to this knowledge, your knowledge is zero. Your universities are zero. It’s showing. Your universities and your schools are showing what kind of generations they have raise, they have brought up, they have put out there. Complete disobedient creatures. From 7 years old all the way to the end. 7 years old they are disobedient to their parents, to their teachers, to their priest, their imams, their shaykhs. Who they are obedient to? To shaytan. From where they learning this? From you. From the parents. When you are disobedient, Allah SWT punishes you through the disobedience of your children. That you may understand what kind of feeling you are doing, giving to your Lord that time. You may understand just a little bit maybe. But still so heedless. Still so headless. Not understanding.

So the people in the flood they reach, and they come to the end. People who was in the ship, they reached to safety. Only because they accepted Nuh alayhi salam by word and by heart. They didn’t see it. Just like the other ones. They didn’t see anything. They just believe Nuh alayhi salam. Allah made them to go through that experience, and because of that faith, put them into safety. Because of that faith, today we are sitting here and talking about them. They were talking about you. Disobedient ones they were talking. Saying, the generation is going to come in ahir zaman, under the name of they are going to believe in Allah, they are going to be complete disobedient to Allah.

As Holy Prophet sws said, if you see them in ahir zaman, you will not call them believers, you will call them kafirs. To sahabi e kiram. Say, if you will see you, they will call you lunatic, crazy, idiots, you have no brain at all. But they are going to lose, those ones. and Holy Prophet saws saying, “and I pray for them. Because I have seen the flood of Nuh as, and I didn’t want my nation to sink into that. That was the heaviest punishment for a mankind on the face of earth. And I pray to Allah saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, do not punish my nation through the way you have punished the Nuh alayhi salaam nation. Through the flood.’ Allah promised me saying, ‘I will not punished them Ya Muhammad through that way. But your nation, when you go out from them, they are going to deviate from your orders so much. They still going to think they are believers, but they lost the faith. And that nation they are going to build a fire. And they are going to kill each other not with flood of water, with the flood of fire.’”

It is waiting, it is on the doorsteps. YOU BUILT IT! YOU WESTERNERS THAT YOU ARE SO PROUD WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE, YOU BUILT IT !!! AND IGNORANT MUSLIMS RUNNING TO BUILD IT TOO. YOU BUILT IT. YOU BUILT THE NUCLEAR BOMB. AND YOU BUILDING IT EVERY SINGLE DAY, MORE AND MORE. AND YOU ARE PREPARING TO USE IT. AND I KNOW. But you are still heedless. And when it is happen, it is going to take billions away instantly, the flood of fire. Just like flood of water that it was burning. The flood of fire is going to burn.

So where is the safety? And Holy Prophet saws saying that time, only one safety to you, there is no other safety. If you reach to that time, be around with my ahlu bayt, be around them. Don’t go far distance away from them. That will be a safety to you. But don’t think that you are going to be around my ahlu bayt and you are going do whatever you want, you are going to live as you as like, and you are going to reach to safety. No. you are not going to. Because you are not any better than those unbelievers. You are going to believe, but you are not going to live the way you believe. No, you are not going to reach. If you sit in their lap, you are not going to find safety that time.

Why we are saying this? Din-I nasihat. Holy Prophet saws saying, the religion is advice. Prophets they gave advice. Those people that they have been given responsibility to talk for Allah sake, to call people to make amri maruf, to give people orders to do the right things, and to stop them from doing bad things. They have no power anymore to say do this by force. Or stop people doing wrong things, they just give them advice. That’s duty of the government. “Amri maruf wa in nakir. The day is going to come when this is not going to happen,” Holy Prophet is saying, and the sahabi they are shocked. They said, “Ya Rasullullah, and they will be believers, those people they will be called believers?” He said, “yes. And among themselves, someone is going to tell them this is the right way. They are not going to listen, they are only going to listen to their ego, nothing else. Under the name of obedience to Allah and His Prophet, they are going to listen to their own ego.”

If that how it is right now? You can say whatever you want. That’s exactly how it is right now. So, the flood brought billions out from this world. They suffer, they still suffering right now. Don’t say, where they are, I don’t see it. Of course you don’t, one day you are going to. Make sure you will not be on their line, on that side. And that is in your hand. Everyone goes to their place according to their faith. According to the intention of their deeds. Not only their good deeds that is going to bring them out safety, also the intention of their deeds.

These are the days that we are the people have reached to ahir of ahir zaman. The end of the end. It is not too much left, now and the qiyamat. It is not too much left between now and Mahdi alayhi salam. It is not too much left between us and Dajjal, you know how much? Hmm? If you are keeping obedience, you are going to reach those days. You are not keeping obedience, you may reach, and they may take you out from this world. Those who is disobedient, those who is continuing doing harams, those they don’t have sajdah, they are not going to live that time. We entered into that now. Yes. Everyone talks about Mahdi alayhi salam, but most of them they have no clue about Mahdi alayhi salam. Before what is going to happen, that the world is going to turn to paradise, worse is waiting. And yes, the Mahdi will be in that, Isa alayhi salam will be in it. So many other ones will be in it.

The day that ship has set down on the mountain of Judah. Nuh alayhi salam gave everyone their share in the ship. Which we are entering into those days now too. Don’t think you are going to pass enter to paradise with those people who suffer so much, and you just going to live in all luxury and you are just going to enter to paradise same place with them. No, never happen. Never is going to happen. The people, Nuh alayhi salam put enough food into the ship to the people and animal and there was order for the people not to have sex, and to the animal not to have sex in the ship. Because no multiplication inside the ship, it is not going to happen. It was enough food for everybody in the ship until the ship, the flood will stop. And it did. And Nuh alayhi salam give everybody, watch very carefully how everyone was taking not like greedy people today, eating but caring for others.

No. people became very very very greedy, they have everything. But became very greedy and very selfish. Very egoistic ones. Not caring anything about anybody anymore, and I am talking to Muslims, I am talking to you, I am not talk to people in the street, you all became like that, became selfish. Not caring for anyone. Your heart is not bothering you. It is not hurting you. When I remind with something, you come so quickly trying to protect yourself saying, I did this and I did that. But, the shaykh knows what you did, and what you didn’t do. He is just giving you some ideas maybe you will become better human, not the animal. No, the animals are the ones who is not sharing. The human they have to learn how to share. Yes, you didn’t know that in the west, and so many who came from the east, you got so used to it like that, because in your ego is same sickness. So you like that right the way. So you like to live selfish life, by your own selves. And you want to reach to safety. Hmm.

Think again. Think again one more time. That is not how it is going to happen. Either you are going to learn how to live like a Muslim that the Holy Prophet saws has order, before the appearance of Mahdi alayhi salam or you are going out from this world. And if you are going out from the world that you reached to Mahdi time, and you were not, fitting to that category to be with Mahdi, you can go to any place in paradise you are still going to suffer. You are not going to that time enjoying your own paradise. That maybe makes you to understand the meaning of Mahdi alayhi salam. The meaning of Mahdi alayhi salam, yes, you only want to turn that side to know that side, the world is going to be a paradise, everything that I want is going to happen. Yes, it’s going to. Before that, you are going to put under a lot of test.

So put yourself together. These are real words and you don’t hear these everywhere. Yes, there is so many shaykh today speaking, about Mahdi alayhi salam, not knowing nothing about him. Yeah. They only thinking Mahdi is going to come to give you flower, Mahdi is going to give woman’s right. Mahdi is going to give Christian their rights. Mahdi is going to make unbeliever to live rightly, nicely, comfortably. Mahdi is that one, who is taking direct orders from the sky. From the paradise, through the angels, and he enforces it. He will not looking at any book anymore. And all these scholars they saying he is coming out with new ideas. Yes. He will not open the book. His book is coming directly from the sky to him. He is not a prophet, but Holy Prophet saws what Allah gave to that one, He didn’t give to so many prophets.

So you are in it. You are so heedless. So much ghfalat. The ghfalatness makes big thick layers right in front of your eyes, you cannot see nothing. Ghfalatness is only making you to see dark. Because the ghafalat is making you to see yourself only. Self-centered. Me and only me. nothing else. When they sit, the ship sit, it was only some dried fruit leftovers. And Nuh alayhi salam, he gave order, he collected them all together. And they made ashura. Which Muslims they forget completely all about that too in these days. No ashura is cooking inside the house of Muslims. They lost everything. Because they are so busy being slaves, to America, to green dollars, SLAVES. Women became slaves. Free slavery. Running. Cleaning the dirtiness of Americans or the Westerners just for couple dollars, they sell themselves for a couple dollars, nothing else. They sell their religion for it. Yes. Yes.

You can say whatever you want. You have the right to speak too. Save it to the judgment day and complain about me. Say, this is what he is said about us. This is not what Allah created you for. So all incidences is going to you that time. You are going to scream from every side that time, especially now, more screaming is going to reach to you. Because you are not living according to your own creation. What you have been created to do, you are not doing it. Males are same way, females are same way. Males they are sitting home, young people not going to work, not earning nothing. Sitting. Begging money from here and there. Borrow money from here and there. Living on that. Shame on you. Feel shame of yourselves, to say I am a man. You have the responsibility. The women they have their responsibilities. Both they lost.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

The peril of heedlessness part 2

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The peril of heedlessness part 2
May 10, 2012
Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi

So, wake up. Shake up yourself up. Because, it is not only, that our lives coming to an end. But as of dunya. As of everything else that s been coming into creation, it’s coming to an end. You have such a big and long plans. But you are not going to reach to make that plan. Because this dunya is also finished the time that Allah has given. This dunya is preparing to change, and everything in it. If you are going to live in it. It’s only a couple of things is standing on the way. Everything is about to change. Things that is very valuable to you today, tomorrow is not going to be valuable. Everything is going to change. It’s not going to have any value. Because they are not the value that Allah put, so that is changing. The value that Allah puts is always standing, is always there. They are never going to change.

So what is the value that Allah put to us? Say, keep me priority, I am your Lord. And, keep My Prophet. Love My Prophet more than anything else. More than yourself too, more than your children, more than your wealth. If you do that, you will not have any problem. You will not have any problem that way. You will have problem with those that don’t love Allah and His Prophet. But at least you won’t fool yourself, you will understand why you are living. You understand who created you. And you try to keep it that way.

But if you love your children, your love ones, your wealth. That’s what you have to do again. You have to be a good servant to Allah, to be a thankful servant, that Allah gave you a wealth. That Allah saying, when you are being a thankful servant to me, and I will increase my favors to you. Things open up to you more. When you become beloved to me, I will make you someone, that those things you love too around you, they become obedient to you, when you are being obedient to me. so you keep them in the way of Allah, so in both ways, if a man is claiming that he loves his family, children. Wives, that claiming that they love their husband. And the husbands who claim they love their wives. The father and mother whose claiming they love their children, this is what you have to do. You have to love Allah more than anything else. You have to be obedient to Allah more than anything else. You have to love His Prophet more than anything else. Then you have to love those who are leading you to Allah and His Prophet.

Then the other loves are going to come automatically there. Then that time you definitely have to love your children, you have to love everything around. You have to love your enemy too that time. You have to look at them, you have to say, although they are my enemy, but I don’t want them to enter into the fire forever, let me run to do something. Yes. That time you cannot be in ghaflat, can you? No, you cannot. So you as a believers in this country, so many as I said, in today they think they become awaliyah. And I said one word, then they disappeared. Good. (35:50)

Tomorrow in the judgment day, you will come, maybe you passed the test, and Allah will ask you. “Did you love Islam?” “Yes.” “Did you love Allah?” “Yes” “Did you love his prophet?” “Yes.” “How many people from unbelievers, you became reason for them to come to Islam?” What are you going to say? You are going to say, “I am living in the country that there is 300 million unbelievers according to Islam, and I couldn’t reached to one of them?” This is the power of your shahadah? This is what you have? And Allah is saying to you, “so you are loving Islam only to yourself again, you are egoistic one.”

Yes. That put you to sleep again. So, wake up to yourself. Maybe you will catch somethings somewhere. Wake up. Wake up from ghaflat. If a man is sleeping nighttime, morning he has to get up. If he doesn’t up morning, he is going to get up noontime. He is asking food to eat that time, and he is going back to sleep again. So many people like that today. Even that much is okay, but if that is leading you to ghafalat, not to be able to do your daily routine duty to your Lord. If you are in that kind of ghafalat, you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are not going to be comfortable in dunya, you are not going to be comfortable in the grave, you are not going to be comfortable in the judgment place. If you don’t find the comfort there, you are not going to find it anywhere. You are going to suffer. So don’t make yourself to suffer.

Wakeup. Wakeup. Wakeup. Because the last calls are here too. Nuh alayhi salam saying this to his people, 700 years. Going to them every day, “oh my nation, wake up. You are living the wrong lifestyle, this is not what Allah wants. This is wrong!” They cursed at him, they beat him up. They kick him away. He went back to them again, and again, and then again, and then again. Days! Weeks, years. Centuries. 700 years, h e went to them. Finally, he was a prophet, but he was a man. He lost his patience. Those people up to that time, they didn’t receive any punishment too. Here and there incidences happening. They said, “what are you talking about? Don’t you see we are living nice and comfortable lifestyle? You crazy. Get lost from here you old man.” They were doing that to him, until Nuh alayhi salam open his hands saying, “oh my Lord. Don’t leave any creatures on the face of earth who is disobedient to you.”

With one word. 700 years, he went to them, they didn’t live. He turned to his Lord one day. One word. Right the way, the Order came to him, “I accept your prayer, build the ship.” He knows what he asked for. He knows what was going to happen. He started building the ship at the same time, going back to them, saying to them, “oh people, this is what I did! And I asked for you to be punished, and Allah accepted it. But Allah is merciful, he is letting me building this ship by myself slowly, maybe you will wake up. Come.” No, they didn’t. Building the ship is finished. And Order is given to him, animals they listened. Those human they didn’t listened. His own family didn’t listened, they didn’t.

Finally Order came to him, “now leave them. They are your family, but I am the One who created them. They are not one of you. You are following your Lord, they are not. They are not one of you. Leave them.” And, they perished and vanished. With one word. Up til that day, punishment didn’t reach to them. Because that one who Allah subhana wa ta ala was looking on the earth, that one was an obedient good servant. He was looking to that one. He wasn’t looking the other ones. Until that one made an complaint, and they all have been punished.

Ohh. 21st century people trying to remove this from their memories, Christians Jews and the Muslims. But you cannot. It’s not only in holy books, it is in the history books too. They are mentioning in the history books. They are knowing what happened in the world that time. That’s exactly what happened. Because the children of Adam they lost the direction, they started to live the lifestyle that Allah didn’t like. And they made themselves to believe that that is the lifestyle, they were good people. They were people with modesty in their own understanding. But it’s not according to Allah.

So that’s what happened to them. Only those ones who entered to the ship found safety. And so many they just entered last minute, they didn’t believe it. But they entered last minute, they found that safety. So many were planning to enter to the ship, they looked at the crowd, and said, “they are crazy, why are we going in? I am not going.” They stay out. And they vanished.

Why are we concentrating on this? We reached to those days too. The whole world has reached to those days. Because when Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam, he is the mercy, he is the rahmatili alamin. He didn’t open his hands to pray for those people to be vanished and punished and perished. He always opened his hand, and prayed, “ya rabbi, they are doing this arrogance to me. But they don’t know any better. They are ignorant. Forgive them.” They are attacking prophet in so many ways. But Prophet is asking for their forgiveness, and they were forgiven.

Until one day, he said “Ya Rabbi, do not punished my nation the way you punished the nation of Nuh.” And Allah saying to him, “ya Muhammad, your Lord has the power to send punishment from the sky to the earth.’ He said, ‘Yes, Ya Rabbi.” Allah Says, “your Lord has the power to bring the punishment from their feet above.” He said, “Yes. Ya Rabbi, do not punished my nation the way you have punished the nation of Nuh,” and Allah saying to him,

“Ya Muhammad, I will not punished your nation the way I have punished the nation of Nuh. But your Nation in the Ahir zaman, they will deviated from every ways. They go to the wrong ways. So they don’t listen to the haqq. They don’t listen to the orders that I give to them. And they are going to be unbelievers. Claiming belief, but they are going to be unbelievers. The whole world is going to be like that, only exception some people. The rest are going to be in that flow. They are going to continue the lifestyle that is in front of them, they are not going to run to change anything. They are going to accept that lifestyle. And that time, they are going to invent a fire by themselves. And they are going to burn each other with that fire. They are going to vanish themselves on the face of earth that way.”

‘What is the safety, Ya Rabbi?” “That time safety is my ahlu bayt.” Holy Prophet saying, “those who are running, crying for you to change your lifestyle, run to Allah and His Prophet, that is safety to them, that is like the ship of Nuh alayhi salam. Where they will be, safety is going to reach to those. The rest they cannot escape from that what is happening.”

We don’t have too much time left to that too. Time is almost up. So you want to continue sleeping? Sleep. You want to continue to wake up? Wake up. You want continue running to this world? Run. You want to continue making your faith to grow more stronger every day? Do. The only intelligent way is to make your faith to grow every day. So if you are thinking this. And if you are knowing what is coming ahead, yes. I don’t care how strong you are, you are going to have fear that time. Definitely.

So many arrogance today, they are talking so much. If you have no fear, go up to the mountain, look down to cliff, you understand the fear that time. There is so much things to put you in fear, you are going to see all those. It’s right behind the door. Anything any minute can happen. If you are still going to be ghaflat, wake up. You don’t want to wake up? Then sleep. Nuh alayhi salam he called them last time, Allah order to him, “now leave them, turn around. If you turned one more time, you ask your own children to come in, you will be with them too. I shut the door to them.”

So Allah subhana wa ta ala didn’t shut that door yet to us. That door is going to be shut too. When that day is entering that door is going to be shut. Make sure you don’t stay out, so keep your shahadah alive. Keep yourself alive. Keep your faith strong. That is the only safety you are going to find.

Wa min Allahu Taufiq
Bihurmatil Habib
Bihurmatil Fatiha

You can make assumptions, you can say whatever you want. But one thing you cannot change, what is coming. Not you, not me, not the world. That is right behind the door. Our grandshaykh saying, if the population is 7, 6 must go, 6 is going. Look around you, find 7 people, say, every time, 6 is going, one is staying, is it me? Your faith is going to speak to you that time. According to the faith.


Love and Passion only for the sake of Allah

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Love and Passion only for the sake of Allah
Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi
Shaban 1432/ July 2011

Who are you? What is your value? You were born mankind. You trusting in Allah or not trusting in Allah. What is your value? The whole creation. If you trusting or not trusting. What is to trust? MashAllah. English is a very weird language. Very weird. It’s making everything weird. Everybody understand wrong thing from right things. I trust. I will trust you Ya Rabbi. What a weird thing is that to say, I will trust you. You know, you gotta go from here to this place. From New York to Washington. You know, I will trust you. Otherwise I don’t walk with you. I will trust you when I go. Similar to that. you know why I trust you? Cause I know you now. I know you are Allah so I trust you. Otherwise no.

So you earn some station next to me. That’s why nonstop, especially always I am saying, the people who has educated themselves so much in the secular schools. This is what it is teaching you. First you gotta question so much, and have self esteem, even if it’s right, you have to question. Even if you know it’s right, you have to question. That shows yourself, meaning that shows you are intelligent. This is the education system from the childhood. And the children they are asking question nonstop that so weird question, that if you are given them answer they will never understand anyway, adults don’t understand. Usually adults provoke them to question. To put such a question out.

Teacher is teaching in the classroom. When you are going to a class and you don’t know ABC you don’t know nothing. Teacher is saying this is A, B, C, D, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, Do. What you said? Why two is not one, and one is not two? Is that what you said to the teacher? Or you said to the teacher, I trust you so, so I gotta accept this. This that what you said? Or you just accept because teacher is teaching. And you know that you are there to learn. That is a teacher. You don’t question the teacher. And you don’t question what he is teaching you. In order for you to learn, you don’t question the teacher.

This sickness, this shaytanic idea, it entered to this mankind. And now it’s everywhere. And they brought it into the religion. Of course, the first is school, the education center they are teaching also which direction you are going to go. Are you going to believe in Allah, or you are going to believe in shaytan. You are going to believe in Darwin. Or you are going to believe in Isa alayhi salam.

But the teaching are so corrupted on both sides that individual now is not knowing, because it’s corrupted both sides. The one who is trying to teach about Isa alayhi salam, they are corrupt and their teaching is corrupted. They are daring teach the writing. If you don’t know the writing, why are you teaching? Why you are sitting in the synagogues, in the churches, in the Vatican, if you didn’t know your Lord yet? How foolish is that? You didn’t learned about Allah yet? And you are saying I am teaching mankind? Directing mankind? You are making man to be Allah? How foolish you are!

From Vatican popes to all of them. So they learn from that side. People they go to church, this is what they are learning. They saying well, the church is teaching us something about our God, about our Creator. And our God is a man. Allah Allah. Like me. That’s coming to me such energy sometimes. And I m saying, if I was living in the time of Isa alayhi salam. And knowing that Isa alayhi salam is God. And he is like me. If I have this energy I never leave him to be God, I will take that away from him. I will put him under my authority to say now you are God but you pass the power to me. You are under my authority. I will not hang you, I will not put you on the cross. But the people will listen to what I am saying, not what you are saying. Because (Shaykh effendi laughed) that is what the ego is saying, saying if it’s a God. God made from a man. Why it has to be that one and it’s not me. Allah Allah. But when prophet made out of a man. And I know it’s God, I said what? I have not choose him, say if you choose that one, I have to follow that one. Easily I made my ego is follow him, but when it comes the God, I said, no I will not share. I will not make partner to God, it has to be me, not him. So the church’s teaching is this. Hmm.

And they go to school, and the school’s teaching is monkey. I am wondering seriously what kind of monkey is this generation going to become. It’s coming from monkey. You have to watch to see which category of monkey I am falling into, for instance, it has to be. I am looking at myself from time to time, saying, gorilla, but it doesn’t fit. What other kind? It doesn’t fit to any monkey type. Different, it’s not monkey type. So, the school education center where they teaching the kids, ABC. One, two, three. Do Re Mi Fa So La. They teaching this. They are saying to them. You are coming from monkey.

And later the man’s spirit wants something, they said ok, what is going to fit to your spirit is a church now go over there, and there is the priest over there teaching your God to you. When you go to a church, you entered inside, Allah. You finding one wooden ugly cross, that is very cold. Very cold. It has no warmness. When you look at the hilal, that just gives warmness to your heart, to your spirit. But when you look at that cross over there, looks like me. Like a man. That’s why the Roman did it, these square head. The punishment in that time, when a man found guilty, found guilty or not guilty. They decided he is guilty, he is going to be punished with a death penalty. Death penalty that time it was to nail them to a cross, to let them to suffer to die.

So you go to a church, thinking you reaching to your Lord, now your Lord is higher, has to be higher than you, has to be above you, has to be pulling you to higher station because in the man’s spirit, it’s always looking to find his Lord and paradise and everything in high station, not in low station. Nobody is looking down to earth, trying to dig inside to find where is the paradise, did you ever find somebody like that? Thinking that he may dig to find the paradise under the earth? I didn’t finding Christianity, Judaism and Islam or any other religion. Everybody is looking up. And they became more Buddhaistic they looking like, I am (shaykh effendi looking up) I am the God. That’s what they said now.

Those one, I finished with the Turks now, I start with the Vatican. Because they have been teaching wrong teachings, you better correct your teachings first to yourself. If you think your popes, all those popes that passed from this world, that you gave them titles, they became saints, go and check their tombs to see what’s happening to them. Saying, what we are going to do with that saint? You want a living saint. They are not giving them a title while they are living. We need a dead one. One that never complain. Even those ones that they were a little more intelligent than others. I heard some news that even though they are accepting so many things in Islam that they didn’t attacking Islam. Angel saying, grabbing them by the ears saying, “why didn’t you speak the truth to your people, you are sitting on this station. Highest station. With one word that you are going to say, it may change the hundreds of thousands of people’s heart. Why didn’t you say? Knowing the truth.” And if they are not getting anything, they are getting falaka now. You can give them as much title as you want, you can get upset to me as much as you want. Your end is going to be the same too. You can think that even after I died.

Oh Vatican popes. Very big popes. What’s that new one? never smiling that one too, only time he smiles when he met shaykh mawlana. Ugliest man. (shaykh effendi making faces, and laughed) That’s the only time he smile. Shaykh mawlana making him to smile. Nobody else. Maybe that smile is going to save him, maybe just looking at that sultan awliyah with a love, maybe that will save him. InshAllah, he will come to his sense to say, Islam, inna dinahi illallah islam. Oh Vatican people who is listening to Vatican listen to Islam, what it is saying. In the presence of your Lord, is only one religion, that is Islam, don’t come to my presence with any other religion, I am not accepting. This is what Allah is saying. That Allah that created Adam alayhi salam, no mother, no father. That Allah that has created Isa alayhi without a father, that Allah that has creating 14 other individual without a father, not only Isa alayhi salam that you know.

So they are fooling in the school. So the schools they are conflicting with each other. What secular school is teaching and what religious school is teaching is completely opposite to each other. And now, what are you expect that time, when the man is left to his ego, and that man can come up with that kind of question saying, I trust Allah. Or I found Allah and I trust. You found Allah. If you found Allah, you will never said that word, you will feel shame of yourself. You will only say, thank you Ya Rabbi, you have created me a man from the children of Adam and please Ya Rabbi, when I getting up from my grave, make me to get up again as a human. Once you give to me this, don’t change me into an animal in the grave.

To so many this is happening to them right now. They are falling because they didn’t carry that title that Allah has given to them. Human title. They live like animal. Living like animal is what? Not carrying their responsibility to Allah, and to their Prophet. They didn’t use their intelligence. Who doesn’t have intelligence is not responsible in Islam. Right? Only crazy ones and the animal ones, the rest is going to be questioned. The children of Adam and the Jinns they are going to be questioned. We have created the Jinns and the humans to know Us and to worship Us. Their reason of creation, is to know Us. That’s what Allah is saying. Knowing Us. If they know Us, they are going to worship Us. Worship.

So that kind of education centers now is everywhere. They are teaching the children from childhood, their parents now, today’s people. Parents, majority of them, they are already out of road, they are already in the big mess. They didn’t find life to themselves, how they are going to teach it to their own children? They are struggling with their own life. That they reach to 20, 30, 40, 50 years old, still running after their own egoistic desires. What kind of education they can give to their children that time? So the shaytanic system that time, finding that emptiness, saying open all the schools, now take them into kindergarten, now take them here early too. three years of age, bring them here. Three years, four years. Bring them to me. shaytan saying, because I am going to poison them through that age, when they reach to twenty years of age, they are going to be working for me, that’s what shaytan is saying.

And their parents has no right in their own children. Government are taking that rights away. Any little thing you do in the house, if the woman is in the right way, husband is in the wrong way, before you know, they complain and they put that woman in trouble because the woman is trying to put the child in the right way. Or if the man is in the right way, and the woman is running after the ego, anything that man is saying to his child, that woman is picking up the phone, police! My husband is doing this to my child. Before you know. Police is over there. If you do this one more time, we put you in jail, we take your child away. They love them so much. More than the mothers, and the fathers. I am wondering why. You ever wondering why? Wonder.

They want to raise, as I said earlier, before the sohbet, robot kind of children. Programming. They are going to program them to different ideologies, to direct them any way they like. They don’t want people that questioning themselves. Saying, enjoy yourself. Don’t question yourself. Enjoy. Run after every forbidden action. Don’t accept Islam, because Islam is putting halal and haraam to you. And I am watching so many times, all those, most of those Western people who is coming to Islam. They love Islam in some ways. Not only Westerners, but new Muslims too, that they coming to Islam, they like everything, but they don’t like to hear halal and haraam borders, no. Why not? Why I can’t do this? Why I can’t talk with my girlfriend? Why I can’t be free with my girlfriend? Why we cannot live together until we decided that we are going to get married?

New Islam. Ahh. We live together, but we didn’t made decision yet if we are going to get married. Muslim. Are you married? Shaykh mawlana is asking. Are you married? No, I didn’t decide yet. Woman is saying, I didn’t decide yet. Shaykh mawlana is saying, so why you are fooling this man? And the man is saying, well she is not fooling me, we just get the mutual understanding, that we like to be like now, until we decide if we are going to get married or not. He is saying, how you are together living. I heard, for ten years. For ten years. Thuh!!! That’s right. That’s right. Because if he decided to get married, now you locked yourself in that system, it’s not easy now, in Divine Presence to turn around. So many is turning around, as they like too. No! In dunya you are turning around, but in ahirat they are going to turn you around. Yeah. You have to have solid reasons for that. So, the shaytanic system never accepting laws of Islam, saying halaal and haraam. This border we don’t accept.

We love Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi Allah, Allah. They are so much loving Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, the West. And? We love his master? Who? Muhammad? No. He is a terrorist, Hasha astaghfirullah. This is what these square heads, empty heads are saying. We love Mawlana, but we don’t love the Sun, that is giving light to Mawlana always. We love Mawlana because, we made mawlana in our head. That kind of mawlana, dancing mawlana. So, dancing, easy going. What are you talking about, shaykh Abdul Kerim, that you are saying that your generation is reaching to Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi? Huh. You think Mawlana was like you? Being tough and rough like that? Yeah. That shows you have no clues about Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi Qadasallahu sirr. That his murids they couldn’t even dare to look at his face. Yes. Name is on it, Jalaluddin. Jalaluddin. What is the meaning of Jalaluddin. Jalal, with the majestic anger power that is putting everything in the right road.

Saying, yes, this door is opening to you, if you broke your taubah, not one time, one thousand time, come again. But when you come in, leave your arrogance outside again and enter inside. Don’t enter inside here with your arrogance with your shaytan. You broke your promise again. Come again. Because you have no other door. Only door is Islam. Only door is Quran. Only door is the teaching of Muhammad alayhi salam wa tu salam. That’s why, I am the slave of Quran e Kerim, and I am the slave of footprint of Muhammad alayhi salam tu salam. That’s what he is saying. I never see Westerners using these words. He said, as long as I live, says if somebody says other than this. I am away from that word. And I am away from these people. Yes. But he said that almost 900 years ago. He said, I am away from you, you can claim that you love me, but loving me, I am a light to you, loving me must bring you to the Prophet Muhammad alayhi salam wa tu salam. If you are not reaching to the Prophet, your love for me is for your ego, it’s for your egoistic understand.

That’s what’s representing love and peace. Ashik. Ashik. Ashik. Ashik. What is ashik? Some says, ahh in Ashik and mashik. What’s your understanding of ashik and mashik? What do you understand ashik and mashik to be? Your understanding of ashik is only males and females. But, mawlana’s ashik wasn’t a male and female ashik. Mawlana was ashik to his master. To Shams. Shams. Yes, Shams. To his teacher. To his Shaykh. He was ashik, he has lost in his ocean. That’s what he was. And, when he passed from this world, then that ashik went with him. Yes. So, but, that’s what they teach. Because that’s connection now. teachings in the school, anytime you go, oh, what about the part of love in Islam? And the love and ashik in Westerner understanding is sex. That’s what it is, in their brain, hooosh, running into that right the way. Because it’s always busy with below belly button, it didn’t go up to reach to understand, yes, this is ashik. So I have to go to higher station. I cannot go to lower station. So that’s connected to lower station.

You cannot even say it’s Westerner understanding anymore. Because it’s Muslims understanding now too. They got sick with the same sickness too. Ashik is a passion that moves you. It moves you to do things for Allah’s sake. It moves you to love for Allah’s sake. It moves to hate for Allah’s sake, it moves you to live for Allah’s sake. It moves you to die for Allah’s sake. It moves you to take for Allah’s sake. It moves to give for Allah’s sake. That’s what ashik is. That’s what passion is.

But, they are watching television program saying, passion. New perfume. Passion. Ah. And this ugly beautiful looking woman is putting that perfume and is moving so sexy. And and everyone is looking ohh, I need to get that perfume and I am going to have ashik. Thuh!! To your understanding. It’s only animal understanding. You didn’t reach to human understanding. You didn’t reach to higher station. So that time definitely you didn’t understand mawlana Jallaluddin Rumi.

So there also group of mawlana lovers that they are gay. They love mawlana so much. And? They say, he is our teacher, because he was in love with his master, with his shaykh. (30:10) Thuh, to your dirty, disgusting understanding. And all those who is running to that, those gays and lesbians, don’t come around and make taubah, and looks where jahannam is waiting for you. Nothing can save you. You don’t make taubah. But some is coming out to say, new style now, saying, well, it’s born with it, so it’s okay. making you to understand, to think, it’s okay. you have to accept it, it’s okay, because they are born with it. What you will do, if you are born with it? That your male or female organ is not working, what you are going to do that time? Both are going to suffer. It’s only ego, nothing else. Yes.

So the mankind, as we said in the beginning. Especially this sickness came from West, and now it’s taking the whole eastern people too. When it comes to law of Islam they don’t want to take it. That’s why everyone is running to make shariat to themselves, law to themselves. Saying, who are you to tell me what to do? I love Allah, and I love His Prophet, and I know. I do as I like. And of course we gotta know each other first. You are not living on 1400 years ago. We gotta check every part of the body to see if it’s working, mashAllah. And Thuh to your understanding. THUH!!! To your understanding. THUH!!! To all those who is doing that. you are breaking every law, prepare yourself to fire. That’s the reason of Prophet’s coming, to teach you what is halal and what is haraam. That’s all.

Birmin Allahu taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

This is a little heavy for you maybe. It’s okay. This is for you, for me, for the Vatican popes. To all those ones who is expecting and waiting vote from the gays and to gays and lesbians too. Everyone take their share. I don’t care if you hating me or not. Doesn’t matter. Continue. Fatiha.

I am saying this, because I watch somewhere, this new sickness, they make, they move into these alims also, in Islam, and they make some conference, in Indonesia. And the big, they suppose to be there, head scholar of Islam and they came to conclusion to accept to say it’s okay, Islam is accepting gay and lesbians. THUH TO YOU!!!! Open the Quran-e-Kiram and read what Allah did to these nations, same thing is coming to you, to all those who is doing, and all those whose heart is with it too, all those who is accepting, all those who has tolerance to that too, look what’s coming. Allah and His Prophet is very angry with this situation. And that is didn’t leave any corner of world it didn’t entered into.

So stay away from those kind of wrong things, and wrong thinking and put halal and haraam borders to your life. If you don’t put it, you are going to be in big big trouble, doesn’t matter if you pray five times a day, not five times, fifty five times a day. Doesn’t matter if you recite Quran five minutes a day, or 24 hours a day. It’s not going to help you. Believe me, it’s not going to help you, until you come around and ask for forgiveness, and never turn to that side again and always saying, Ya Rabbi, I was wrong, I did wrong thinking this way. Please forgive me. Day and night until you go out from this world. That’s all. Fatiha.

Okay. This much is enough for those who is watching on the internet too. If you like it, take it, if you don’t like it. Close your television. Say, the man is crazy, he lost himself, he is talking. Say! But, say that, and look how fast something is reaching to you too. Fatiha.

This much is enough. Drink you tea, and go to sleep until Maghreb. And pray that Allah doesn’t not give me power. Because I am praying that He does. Because if He does, by tomorrow morning, I know what I am going to do. Look what I am going to do that time. You are going to like it. So, give me a vote. (Shaykh Efendi laughed out loud, and clapping.)

Voting. This is what the politician they do. Although they don’t like these, so many they don’t like these gay and lesbian groups. Understand, that they come to them, say look, if you don’t do what we want, we are the head of these groups. We are not going to let you to have on vote from our groups, and now that spread so much. They cannot to afford to lose that. Because they are also running for dunya, they are not running to fix the dunya. They run to get the benefit and treasure and luxury of dunya. They are not running to become politicians, top of the leaders to run to fix the problem of this dunya. For that reason, they have to go along with it.

So many imams and shaykh, they also know that to speaks such a thing like that, so many is going to be upset with them. Because that spread so much everywhere. That the man and his wife, and his children is praying, but they have one son who is gay. Praying five time a day, but they are gay and lesbians, it spread to almost every family. Doesn’t matter, you are seeing the wrong way is outside, to somebody, when it’s reaching to your house you are still going to know it’s wrong. Doesn’t matter if it’s your children or your grandchildren. Wrong is wrong. What Allah subhana wa ta ala made wrong, and make forbidden, it’s forbidden. It is to you and to me, to the prophets too. we cannot make it halal. What Allah make haraam, it’s haraam. What Allah made haraam, if you are trying to make it halaal, that is kufr. That is the biggest kufr. Prepare yourself to fire, that time I can depend on other eye and saying to you, prepare yourself for a fire.

And Allah will ask you. Why didn’t you speak the truth knowingly? Who you are afraid of? What you were afraid of? I was afraid of army. I was afraid of this, and I was afraid of that. Or new style, imams they are going to say, I was afraid of my wife, because she is going to be upset with me. Because some shaykh was saying, I was afraid of my wife. Because she is always sitting next to me, watching me. and she is even wearing a turban. How can I go against? I am saying that. And they are asking me, I am going to say I don’t care if it’s my mother. I don’t care if it’s my child. If my child calls me to that, shariat says cut the neck off. I will cut it in front of everyone. For that, everyone is saying, you have no heart. That’s okay, let me have no heart this way. Because I love hazrat Umar. I love hazrat Umar.

Yes, hazrat Umar, what he did? You don’t know what he did? He had a son, one son he was pretty weak, and they fooled that son. Some samiri, they fooled him. Doesn’t matter where man’s lineage is reaching, sometimes, when he is opening door to shaytan, he s going to get fooled. And they fooled him. He went and he make adultery. And later, they spread that, saying, hazrat Umar’s son did this. They made it open. And hazrat Umar is the khalifah. Everybody knows that he is a heavy duty one. He doesn’t tolerate nothing when it comes to that.

Yes, he never use anything for himself from the khalifah makam. Never. He was even turning the candle off, when he was going to doing his private things. He was turning the candle off, that khilafah is paying for it, saying, I am using my candle that I worked for it. Yes. But the work is different. He didn’t go to somebody to work five dollar an hour. Different understanding there.

So they came to hazrat Umar and they said this is what happened. He says, “find out. Search. And come to me.” He said to his trusted men, say, “go and find out if it’s true.” And they went and they came, do you think they dare to say to him lies? Saying to him, no it didn’t happened? They said, Ya Umar, it’s trued. It happened. He says, “good, where is the shaykh ul islam?” He says, “what is your fatwa?” He is the khalifat. They say, “fatwa is this. 100 falaka. Slashes to him.” Umar says, “good.” He signed it. He is the khalifah. And he says, “because it’s my son. And I am the khalifat, I am not going to do this inside the jail, or in other places.” He is going to do this public. And everybody is going to come to see. Everyone is going to know that hazrat Umar he just punished his own son this way. And he chose the heaviest one, that his hands are very strong. Saying, “do it right. Don’t be tolerant, don’t be easy in hitting. Do it right.”

And he was a weak one. when they reached 80, he died. 80 coming, he died. And they all stopped. Hazrat Umar is saying, “why did you stop?” They say, “ya Umar, he died.” He said, “no continue til 100, 20 more on his dead body. Because Allah says when somebody is punished in this dunya, he will not be punished in ahirat. At least completed it here, so he will not be punished on the other side.”

That is Islam. That is the understanding of Islam. Are you loving somebody for that, or are you opening every door for them to live disgusting life? You are going to be punished too. If you are supporting that. Yes. So, wake up yourself, if you like. If you don’t like it. it’s okay, continue sleeping. but, Mahdi that you are waiting, that is coming, he is coming with all these. He is going to put fairground first. He cannot be saying to those who is holding on to Allah and his Prophet’s order, and the whole mankind is looking at them now, with a different weird eyes. Saying, they are heartless, they are heedless, they are… and they are going to be in the same category with those that they leave everything. Until Mahdi came, and Mahdi is here, they said, “okay we don’t live this life. Now we live this life.” No, it’s not going to be this way. It cannot be. That is not justice.

So today, yes, these alims, the tyrants, they became amin. Is that Prophet saying? Yes. Says, the tyrants and untrusted ones, the men is going to trust them, because they are going to speak to people what they like to hear. Those who is going to speak my order, they are not going to like them in the ahir zaman, they are going to hate them. They are going to run away from them. But he says, “hold on tightly. Speak the truth, until the death reaches to you. Never give up, until the death reaches to you.” They may leave you all. How many people left the Prophets? The Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam up til 40 years of age, so many was around him. Yeah. Anything that they get confused, they used to run to Prophet to ask. Because they know that he is going to give the best answer. But as soon as he said to them la illaha illalah Muhammad rasullullah, I am here to teach you what is halaal and what is haraam.

They left him. They said to him, he is a liar, they said to him, you lost your mind. Today’s people, depression. He lost his mind. Or what is the other one? Stressed. He is stressed. He is under the stress. Ah. Where is he? He is in the crazy hospital. Don’t say crazy hospital! Where is he? (Murid: Mental institution). Mental institution. His spirit get sick. And we are given them Prozac, to make them better. You think I don’t know? Look what I know. His spirit is sick. So we are given him this medicine to balance this depression. They are depressed.

So now, males and females running, who? Muslims. Who? So many murids. You think I don’t know? They going to get those pills. Why are you getting those pills? Doctors say. That’s right. They are going to destroy your brain cells completely, and you are going to become complete robot. Later on if something is going to open up in front of you. Nothing is going to open, because you destroy what is up there, you destroy it. This shaytan is so clever, once you open one door to him, look how he is going to reach you. Even if you shut the doors to him, look how much he is going to force from every side. That’s why Holy Prophet saying, don’t give up until, until when? Ya Rasullullah, until when? Until death is reaching to you. Until death is reaching to you. They are going to leave, let them leave. You don’t leave. Anybody wants to leave, let them. You don’t leave.

Allah sends prophets among the nations to show them the ways. And after a while, they are seeing these people so arrogant. They are so stubborn. They are so ignorant. They are not listening, they are not doing anything. And Allah is preparing to give them so much more blessing, just a little bit, simple things, that they are going to do. They are getting all these. They are not doing. They destroy themselves. So they are so fed up. They left these nations, saying, let me go to other places, maybe I will find somebody will listen to Allah’s orders.

Warning and punishment reached to those prophets, saying, you are leaving the area that I put you. Yunus alayhi salam, he left his nation. He was fed up with them. He was fed up with them not because they were attacking him. He was fed up with them because they were taking the right of Allah. He was fed up with them, and he said Ya Rabbi, I am leaving. And the punishment has reached to him. Warning, for us to understand it was a warning. To him it was a punishment for him to understand, where I put you, you will stay there. You don’t leave. If they want to leave, they are going to.

That’s what happened. You know how much you went through, it became stories, nice stories. So wake up to yourself. What Holy Prophet saying, until the death reached. Stay on siratul mustaqim, stay on haqq, and have patience. Nothing else. But don’t give up on the haqq. Fatiha.

If you do that MashAllah to you. If you don’t do that, wake up and come around and do it. and don’t let the weakness to enter. Once the weakness is entering. You are going to lose. You are going to lost just like that. Fatiha.

Waking up before the Incoming Disaster

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Waking up before the Incoming Disaster
Dec 9, 2010
Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim Efendi

Day and night fighting, but the disaster is waiting for everybody. Instead of thinking to make your life better and to protect yourselves and your loved one. 24 hours a day, today’s people running to make troubles to themselves. Believers and non believers. Warning coming nonstop. And you still sleeping, wake up to yourself. Because if the angel of death will catch you in that situation. You are going to cry a llllloooooottt for a very very very very very long time. Doesn’t matter if you are a believer or unbelievers. Believers cannot be heedless. Believers is that one who live for his Lord’s sake, and everything else coming second. Everything has to be second. You have to put Allah first.

Angel of death is running 24 hours a day, knocking people down. You not seeing, you think it’s not happening. At least 200,000, if you didn’t know. 150,000 people died today. And start another 150,000 from this Maghreb, all the way to the next Maghreb. It’s going to be. If you are from these 150,000? Did you ever think? Are you thinking? If you passed that, it’s going to be from 6 billions are taking away from this world. Very soon, it’s going to be disaster. People talking about Mahdi, Isa. Mahdi doesn’t come, and Isa doesn’t until… this disaster happens. Mankind has to burn themselves up. We run up to this mountain. So many of you coming with the same idea, you deviated from your way. You are going to pay a price if you don’t come around. If you don’t fix yourselves.

You are just a servant, nothing but a servant. Try to be a good servant. Don’t be a bad servant. Shaytan is also servant, he is a bad one. So, it’s up to you. You believe. If you don’t believe, I don’t think you should be here. You are here because you believe. If you are here to just to pass your time, welcome, it’s okay with us too. Pass your time, and forever I will be personally complaining about you that time saying, this one was among us. He was just fooling himself. So wake up to yourself.

I know somethings, yeah. Something I also know. You only know what you see on the television. What you see in the books. And what imagination coming to you through that evil side. Not from the spirit side, because your ego is up. Never you are going to hear anything from the spirit side. Because your ego is controlling you. Your ego is ruling on you. You are supposed to be ruling on your own ego. First step, why you are going on sajdah? What is the meaning? You are going to sajdah to whom? To Allah, to step on your ego. But any little things that is happening, your ego is reaching to sidratul muntaha, declaring lordship. Declaring lordship, that’s what it is. Dislikeness, and fighting for that, and argument for that. running back and forth, everyone thinking that they are going to do it better, every day you are doing it worse to yourselves, nobody else. And the bottom point is, nighttime. You are by yourself in your bed. Even if there is thousand people around you, when you close your eyes, you are going to be by yourself. When you are going to close your eyes, you are going to enter to your graves by yourself. Don’t think that in the grave, the snakes and scorpions are coming from outside. No, you bring it there! How you bring it there? with the halal and the haraam.

In these days, Muslims they running, because their secular ways of teaching saying to people everything is okay, and they running and they making it okay to them too, everything. It’s not okay. You are going to pay price for it. Before it’s too late, shake yourself up, wake up to yourself. And save your own self. You can go to a grave and say “rest in peace”, much as you want. If you send peace into that grave, you are going to find it there. How are you sending peace to the grave, that you are busy with your own selves, fighting and arguing? Where is the peace? You didn’t find the peace to put it into your own selves. You don’t have peace. You lost the peace. This one did this, this one did that. that one says this to me, this one says that to me. This is what everyone is busy with. Shaytan is running non-stop to fool everyone.

And Allah saying, subhana wa ta ala. What that prophet is saying to you, what that Prophet forbid you, or what he has ordered to you, if you don’t take it seriously, you will make confusion to yourself, and you will entered into a severe punishment forever maybe. Are you understand the meaning of it? How you are making things right, to your own selves. If you don’t know anything about Islam, you think Islam is falling into the feet of the people that they don’t even know how to enter into a toilet? Huh?

That’s what happened today. Males and females making fatwa 24 hours a day. Stop that, this is not a Christianity, it’s not a Judaism. That’s no such thing like that in Christianity anyway. There’s no such thing like that in Judaism too. Only shaytan is interfering and he makes their scholars to be ignorant and arrogant ones. He makes everyone to think that you are educated now, you do this way, you do that way. You can swallow the wholes book in the world, you can move from here, you can build something now, that it moves you from here to the gates of paradise. You are still ignorant.

Because you don’t know how to entered into it. If you are not entering through, beyond that, you are not in safety. You are never going to be in safety. Shaytan right now is also reaching to the gates of paradise, all these jinns they are reaching to the gates of paradise, that’s where they are reaching. They cannot reach beyond that. If that secrets is granted to you. You need somebody to work, and to open it for you. Oh definitely Allah subhana wa ta ala put secrets to everyone, you are going to be punished because you didn’t uncover that secret. You didn’t bring it out.

And when you are dying, they are going to take that secret away from you. And they are going to put you into the grave, by yourself, with your fatwas. With the halal and the haraam that you are making in that grave. That is the time you are going to find all the snakes and scorpions coming in. with the halaal and the haraam you are making to your own selves. Because of the community that you are living, because that fits to your head, because that fits to your ego. Allah is watching, He has been watching. He has been creating the children of Adam and He has been watching. It‘s not that long. You are very impatient, but in the presence of Allah subhana wa ta ala, this world didn’t completely the 7 days yet. It’s not completed. When the 7 days is completed, everything comes to an end.

So, wake up to yourself. If you want safety, at least in ahirat, because I am seeing there is no safety in dunya, you are running top speed to the wrong side. Day and night, 24 hours a day, your life becoming miserable and you running to make, to do other things to keep yourself busy, not to think. That is the time you are committing more wrong doing. That is the time you are running away more from Islam, but you are claiming that you have something. Stop fooling yourself.

Nothing, if you can own the whole world today. If you are a real believer, if that faith is in your heart is stronger than everything else than that I have just said, if Allah subhana wa ta ala granting to you the authority and the ownership of this world, and the ownership of other worlds to your hands. If you are a believer, you shouldn’t be getting happy. Because happiness has to come to you through obedience to your Lord. Nothing else. If Allah subhana wa ta ala take everything away from you, by the evening time, you shouldn’t be getting sad.

But I am some of you getting so happy with so very cheap thing, very very very cheap, so cheap so cheap things that you are getting happy with, then you are going to pay price for that. Wake up to yourselves. Because Allah subhana wa ta ala is granting, saying to us, He didn’t give value to this world, and every valuable things in this world, value more than the value he gives to a mosquito wing. Mosquito wing. And you are giving it more value than that. That’s where you are showing that you are disobedient to your Lord. Everything in it. He is saying, everything in it, the world, and every treasure in it in my presence doesn’t have the value that the mosquito wing has next to me. Mosquito has 4 wings. One mosquito wing, Allah subhana wa ta ala is saying.

What is it that makes you? You are never going to wake up? You are never going to understand that angel of death is right next to you? You are never going to think? You are not thinking before you turn right and left, the air may just stop. You are not thinking? If you are not thinking, it is just going to catch you just like that. One day you are just going to have so many big plans. Before you turn right and left, angel of death is going to say to you, the last breath. And you are going to try to run away, but you cannot. None can run away from the hand of the angel of death, including the prophets.

So wake up to yourself. What Allah subhana wa ta ala didn’t give value, if you are keeping it valuable, that is kufr. What Allah subhana wa ta ala did give value, and you are not keeping it valuable, that is also kufr. The faith is to make value, to give values to the things that Alalh subhana wa ta ala make valuable. And, to bring down things that Allah subhana wa ta ala says this has no value in my presence. That time, faith enters into your heart. The faith enter into the heart doesn’t stay there, shaytan has hundreds of thousands of tricks coming to remove it. you have to support it. You have to support it in so many ways.

I am watching, some of you, not caring for the prayers anymore. 5 daily prayers. You care or you don’t care, you are going to see what you doing to yourself. All these people on the face of earth they are not praying, that’s okay. They are going to pray very heavily when they are going out from the world, they are entering into the grave, they are going to pray very heavily. (15:00)From the day that 5 time daily prayer became obligation. No one is going to escape. What happen to you? Did you think that even if you are praying now, did you think in the past what you didn’t pray, it is going to be forgiven? Did you calculate how many prayers you didn’t make? No you didn’t. You are not calculating, you are responsible from the day that you reached to maturity age. 5 times a day, 365 days a year. Calculate. You will find out, how much you have to pay, how much you have to work. Hum?

But, no, some of you just coming in, couple of years, 3 years, 4 years, becoming firaun on me. Firaun on the shaykhs. Knowing so much, I didn’t miss my prayer since 7 years of age. How you know so much, and I don’t know that much? How you know so much that you give fatwa left and right, and I don’t know that much? I am hearing fatwa from people, from males and females that just blowing my head away. I said, I don’t dare to speak this fatwa, how they are? Well, if the fatwa that you are making, doesn’t fit to the orders of Allah and His Prophet, to know that maybe you didn’t know before up til now, I am going to tell you now, hear good. I care don’t who said it. Hear good. The fatwa that you making to your own selves, that it doesn’t fit to the fatwa that Allah gave and his Prophet gave, and it doesn’t fit the fatwa of awliyah, you are just committing a shirk. On the judgment day you have a very very heavy price to pay for it.

So, take it anyway you want, I don’t care what you think. You can finish all the university, you can put all the diploma on your neck. You come in front of me, I will tell you, take them all off, and go flush into the toilet and come here sit and just listen, you have no right to speak. I said that earlier, early time. But I was a little more lenient on it. now I am going to be more strong on it. Not you, you can bring all your scholars together, bring all your rabbi and the priests together, bring all your university professors together, all they have to do, to flush it to toilet and just to sit over there, and to listen. That’s the way we will win. There’s no other way. Other ways you are just boosting your ego day and night, 24 hours a day, you becoming another firaun that grave is waiting to finish.

So this is for you, and for me, and for all those people who is listening. You like it, take it. You don’t like it, you are going to hear this. Huh. And in this community especially, moving out, deviating. The days are coming, all the doors are going to be shut, what you will do that time? You will just enter into a book of hypocrites.

Wake up to yourself. Wake up to yourself. It’s not too much time left, you didn’t hearing me saying to you in the millennium 2000, there is not too much time left, you didn’t hearing me saying this. I said to you, continuing doing. So many shaykhs they say it is the end. They scream they make… I didn’t. I said to you continue doing what you are doing, it’s okay. Now, I am telling you. I am telling myself and you are not listening to this? I don’t care who you are. I am just going to walk away. My children, my wife, my this, doesn’t matter. I am just going to walk away. I am going to be an obedient servant to Allah, that’s all.

So think this carefully for yourself. If you want safety, you are just going to follow the footstep that I am doing. Not to try to go front of me too. You don’t know the road. You are going to sink somewhere. Shaytans has hundreds of thousands of tricks on you, you don’t even know one. You don’t even know what he is preparing to you right now, when you are going get out from this one. If you do, you are not going to fall into it. You are falling left and right. Sohbet happening, sohbet finishes, people they becoming more firaun, more firaun. And now you see, I am going to speak more hard and that’s what is happening. Be more firaun, worse is coming to you. And one day disaster is going to come to you.

You are not the only one that has been created. You look at the mirror and you see only yourself. No. right now on the face of earth, there is 7 billion people. You are just one of those ones, from the 7 billion. Yes, look at the mirror good, look and say to yourself, who are you? Speak to yourself, and look what’s going to come to you from that mirror. Look at it, and by yourself and say, who are you. Because you became so heedless. That you are just seeing yourselves above everything, you are not. Wake up to yourselves. The last calls are calling. Doesn’t matter Christians, Jews, Muslims, believers, unbelievers. Last calling are calling for everyone to turn around. Whatever they believe wrong, they should leave that and turn around.

Everyone they run and they love mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Ah, Mawlana was a passive man. Mawlana wasn’t that kind of man, you are just talking, saying, so loving and lovable, yes. Oh, you think I am hard? His murid they couldn’t look at his face. So many of his murids they didn’t know how is his shape was. His name is on it. Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Jalaluddin, that’s what the name is. But this West wants to make everything feminine kind. This western ideology, this sickness entered into Islam. Now the sickness entered to Muslim, now they want to bring everything into feminine kind. Mawlana said whoever you are, whatever, come again. That’s right.

He is saying to you, if you are break your promise thousand times, come again. Ask forgiveness again. Leave your arrogance outside and come again, through this door. Because there is no other door. This is what he is saying. Saying, long as I live, long as I live, I will be the slave of Muhammad, and I will be the slave of Quran E Kerim. If anybody saying other than that, I am away from those words, and I am away from those people. He said that almost thousand years ago. Hmm? Why he say that? because today’s people, this is exactly what they are saying. They are making him to be a feminine kind of man.

No, he was a man, he was a man with a secret. He has seen the paradise and the hell, and he said sometimes five minutes pleasure it will put you into fifty thousand years of hell fire. Five minute pleasure. You know what that means? You know what it is. Forbidden actions that you will do in five minutes, it will put you in hell for fifty thousand years. So, as Holy Prophet saying, much as you can bear the fire, put it in and do. Don’t be a macho to say I bear the fire, first put your hand in it. hold the fire, then talk. Otherwise don’t talk. People sometimes just going crazy sometimes running touching fire saying, ahh I can do it. that is another fire waiting for you. That’s fire of anger that is going to burn you through that way. That’s another fire.

So, you are special one, but you only become special through your faith. If you don’t have faith and Allah subhana wa ta ala saying, if you are not praying and if you are not asking from me, what is your value? You have no value. Saying to whole mankind. Saying, what is your value? You have no value. If you don’t have a faith, your value is just like an animal. No, no, no, He is saying, not an animal, they are lower than the animal, because what we have created the animal for, their reason of creation, they are doing. The man is not doing his reason of creation.

So wake up to yourself. If you want, if you want to do a favor to your own self. As you know, another thing, I am sitting here and I am talking to you, I am not getting salary from you, you know that right? Hmm? You are not paying my salary. Don’t make no mistake. That every time, so many of you saying, what about you shaykh? Yeah, what about me, I check myself more than you. Don’t you dare saying that to me. I say WHAT ABOUT YOU. I said to you that. you come to that level, then we talk again. When you come to that level, that time you understand what about me, and what about you.

It’s exactly Abu Jahil looked at Prophet, saying, what about you. And Holy Prophet say to him, this is what Allah is order to you first. Do this. Do you think that he wanted something from Abu Jahil, he went back and forth to him. Hundreds of times. Hundreds, not one time. Hundreds. Back and forth, he is cursing, he is saying so many bad things to the Prophet. He is going away, he is going back, he is saying, Ya Abu Jahil, leave this arrogance, leave it, because it is no good to you, you are going to pay a price for this. He became cruel again, he became animal again, he attacked Prophet again. Prophet went, came back again. Same thing to every prophet. Same thing to Nuh alayhi salam, same thing to everyone. So, what happed to those? It was so easy for them to say, okay, you are right. I will just following what you say, and I continue my life. They have to go out of their way to prove that Prophet was wrong. Same arrogance today. But at least that time, they are on the opposite of the Prophet, they were standing on the opposite side of Prophet. Today, it is inside.

This shaytan television, this internet making everyone to talk, to think they know something. You think on the internet you have the right information? Huh? That is what they have in their hand. It fits to your ego, yes. It fits to your head, yes definitely. It fits. That’s why they put it there for you. And there is so many scholars today, they are ready entered to a hell. Every time the angel of death comes to them, you can make the biggest ceremony to them. They are entered to a hell forever. yeah.

Mahdi alayhi salam’s sword is going to be on top of their head. Even they are going to try to fool Mahdi. Those scholars they are going to try to fool him. They are going to say, he has a power in his hand, he has a sword, and he is powerful. Although we don’t believe him, we have to go along with him. This is exactly what they are going to say. This is exactly what’s happening right now. If you are an arrogant and stubborn one, you are going to find yourself on that side.

As Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam saying, when that time entered, if your shaykh says to you, this is black, don’t say it’s white. And if he shows you white and saying this is black, don’t say this is white. Because that time Dajjal is going to manage to show those things to you. That’s what’s happening today.

We are making the sohbet, shaykh mawlana is making the sohbet, before anybody gets up from the sohbet, shaytan comes to them from every side. Instead of taking the sohbet and applying to their life, and to become better one. No, just listening like a cassette, not knowing anything what the sohbet was, three days later, it’s gone completely. So what is the value of the sohbet? The sohbet you have to take it and apply to yourself, to put it in your life, nothing else. That’s what sohbet is for.

Wa min Allahu taufiq
Birhurmatil Habib
Birhurmatil Fatiha

Baraat Night Sohbet- night 2

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Baraat Night Sohbet- night 2
Friday, 16 Shaban 1432/ July 15, 2011
Sohbet By 5Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

Punishment will comes to you, you cannot escape. He was talking, pointing finger to that city people. Saying, Soon you will get it now. Getting the punishment. Heavy punishment is reaching to you here. And you may not find food to eat. And he was giving us how it s going to happen. Says, you see, there is only three doors, on the castle entering to our city. Says, when they shuts these three doors, what is going from outside to eat? And where you are going to have inside the city? What you have in one day is going to finish. And it was 1970s, hmm, 1974, just like today, Allahu akbar. 20 July? July. 20 July, before they know, war began. And I found myself in that war. And I was only 17 years old. Hmm.

Early in the morning, it started, 10. Exactly 10:20, and it was Wednesday. Wednesday morning. Go check and you will find out. Never forgetting. The start it was already ready. Start from one side. Tack. Tack. Two bullets coming. Far distance, another one, another one another one. 10:20, by 10:30 that place turn into a hell. The rockets flying from everywhere, the bullet going top speed from every side. Stations are blowing up, everything is start burning. By 10:30.

I thought I had no fear, hah. If I said too much nonsense, now you see the reality in front of you, bullets going zoom zoom zoom, passing from every side. Then by quarter to 11, when I get rid of this fear, I said what da hell, if I am going to die, I am going to die. As soon as I get rid of the fear, one rocket came where I was, it blow up my machine gun, and I just got wounded there. And I got up, I run to get another machine gun. So continuing. That was the first day, it felt like centuries continue that day, you think that a little bit later, sun is coming down. But what sun? it was not even 11’o clock. You start 10:30, it is not even 11 o clock. Already so many people died, people that you know. Ohh, so many general that they were so brave, they just disappeared. We stay headless, it was so hot. Today’s heat is nothing. I am watching yesterday how everyone is, analyzing. Watching how people are today. Everybody is so empty out. The heat, today is what maybe 90? That day, go to record to find out, it was 110. Everywhere was burning. And plus everywhere they were blowing up the stations. And that heat everywhere is burning is flying into the air enveloping. From that heat the city is burning. Hmm, no food, no water, no nothing. So what shaykh mawlana was saying, we went through, alhamduilah.

By evening time we thought it was going to slow down, but all night long nonstop, rockets flying everywhere now it is dark. Now you see bullets coming zoom zoom from every side. Nonstop, so by evening time. We already did so many things, we went out and so many get prisoners, we just escape from there, da da da da. I got wounded two times, by evening, night like this, no sleeping. now you are so tired too. We cannot sleep. So many people, one day after I was okay, I start carrying. Some people, throughout the whole war time, became depressed or whatever you call that, they lost hope of life that time. Some people, so many still living, they must continue. So many have passed, so many have lost. Da da da da.

And 15 days nonstop we are fighting, everything finished, all food completely finished. There is nothing. Now you have 15,000 people inside the city, inside the bunkers. Everyone is waiting for a food. Hey, watch out, every single one of you became so spoiled. So spoiled. Yes, I don’t like this, I don’t like that. I don’t want to eat this, we have this. Watch out, so there is nothing to eat. So we have the fort, and the fort is in the hands of the enemy. So we decided, we have one brave captain with us, and we are about 15 people, me and other 15 guys and our captain says we gotta take the chance, we gotta take the offensive action to the fort. We have to take it. they make something in the warehouses, because they are coming in all the time bringing food inside, and so many times it stay in there. So we have 15,16,17 guys. We attacked and we took over, they took the boat and they left. And we took over. And we are inside those warehouses, and never forgot we find chickpeas, in big bags. But all the chickpeas they are there because they have got worms. They were keep it there to through it garbage. But since the war began, they just keep it there.

So we are so happy that we find chickpeas. And the army taking over and start cooking. And we call it, eating chickpeas with meat. So much worms inside they were cooking together. And all those people, 15000 people they were waiting everyday, one bowl in their hand just to get one bowl of chickpeas that has worm inside, you can see they are there, moving around there after they get cooked. Billionaires became poor overnight. Waiting over there, just to get something inside to survive. Now you understand something? Spoiled American rats. Spoiled American kids. That is coming to America soon. Better be careful. Yeah. We never thought, they never thought this was going to happen to them. I never thought that it was gonna happened. But it happened, overnight. Things went upside down overnight. Continue like that for month, not one day. so alhamduilah, Allah made us survive, coming out from that. from that year until today, every year that is passing, I am seeing completely something different in that day.

So, take some advice, they are giving me advice. So many like this, just like this. They are all with me in the army. On the first day, half of them died. I bring some of them to that cemetery. I have a picture with every single one of them, including me. All the other ones, except me, they all died. They are all 18, 19 year old. Alhamduilah. How many years passed? 27 years.

Wa min Allahu taufiq,
We have to take something that Allah subhan wa ta ala has blessed us with, and to turn around to be a thankful servant. That’s the only thing we can do.

I see that so many of you just ready to sleep, couldn’t bear to sit through this. But, nobody could sleep that night. It was impossible for anybody to sleep. Because fire is falling everyside. And enemy can enter inside any minute. Yes, and I don’t think you will be able to make it through that one. You will go to sleep and they will come catch you while you are sleeping. Ha ha. Eh. Yes, sir.

New generation. Become very weak, in every way. Cannot carry nothing.

Baraat night Sohbet – 1st Night (3/3)

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Baraat night Sohbet – 1st Night (3/3)
Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim Efendi
Thurday, 15 Shaban 1432/ July 14, 2011
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

After zikr

Power is coming for those who want it. For those can carrying it. Power is coming. Sending down, connectors receiving. No connection, no receiving. If you keep your connectors connect to dunya, you are not going to receive nothing. Doesn’t matter who you are. The prophets didn’t come to teach people dunya. Prophets didn’t come to teach you how to be a doctor or professor, this or that, to be. Prophets came to teach you, me and everyone to know Allah. To know Allah. And to knowing Allah, you have to know your Prophet.

Know your prophet. One of the biggest mistakes 21st century people they are falling in. Why is that? Why the yahudi, the Children of Israil, they are falling into this situation? Because they don’t know their prophet. They are not following their prophet. They are following the name of that Prophet. Saying “Musa.” Why did the Christians have fall into this heedless station? Because they don’t know their Prophet. They don’t know Isa alayhi salam, they only know how to say Isa, God, Lord, Halleuljiah. Shaytanic talks only. Running tomorrow morning, churches are full again. What they are going to do? Doing another crime again. Beause they don’t know their prophet. Their prophet didn’t come to show them this way. They left their prophet. Muslims!!! I am not upset with those. It’s okaty. They are falling into that situation, it’s okay. Muslims!! What happen to you?? Those who is inside the hole and came out, understanding especially what kind of mess they were in, understand the kind of hole they were in. understand the kind of trouble they were in. if you didn’t that, you didn’t understand prophet yet. Those who is claiming they are knowing the Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam, they are talking about Prophet all the time. What do you know about the Prophet.

So the mankind lost because they lost their prophet. Prophets they are living, they are not dead. If they will be dead, you have one excuse that time to say, tomorrow, but the Prophet was dead, I didn’t know. But you claiming that Prophet dead, Prophet is not dead. Yes. Islam began strange, and it’s going to end strange. This is what holy prophet is saying, now. What is began strange? Look at the strange times. The beginning of Islam. Islam began strange, Go look at the time of Umar radianAllahu and all other ones. Go look at the time of Prophet alayhi salaam to Madinah, he put the flag of Islam open in Madinah, and the light of that flag start reaching everywhere. Go look at that. go look at 13 years in Mecca. Islam began strange!!!

Look at the how many of those you sahabi do you know, you know so many fatwa, everyone giving back and forth. How many of those sahabi’s life you even know. They were just living like you, they have positions too. They had everything according to that time. They have everything too. How many of those sahabi that you know in your life that to understand what they did? To understand why Prophet called them strange? Islam began strange, they are strangers, and it’s going to end strange. It’s going to end strange yes.

So, this is the time coming to the end of Islam. End of time. End of everything, huh. Waiting for Mahdi. Mahdi is going to come, Isa is going to come. One two three. Last days, qiyamat is going to happen. For an ignorant people, morning when the sun is rising, it is a huge day it’s endless. But by evening, the sun is setting down. For intelligence man, sun is just risen, what am I going to do today to earn my paradise today. Because it’s very limited time, I must run to do. But the ignorant man is not going to think of it. So, Islam and everything, it is in the end. The world wide lifestyle is at the end. Everything is finished. Everything that Allah subhan wa ta ala has put in creation is about time to come to the end. This has never happened before. We are the people who have reached the end of the end of times. Holy Prophet came in the ahir zaman. We are in the ahir of ahir of ahir zaman. Holy Prophet came at the end of times. And we are ahir of ahir zaman. Completely the end we became.

Yes, we are the strangers. Who are the strangers? But those they are not strangers, that they are keeping their normal lifestyle with kafir together, daily routine nice lifestyle continuing. Secular lifestyle and then coming to pray sometimes, next day same thing again. Those are not the strangers. Those are one of the casualties that is falling into that trap. The strangers are the ones that Holy Prophet is saying, they are going to be carrying fire in their hands. They cannot afford to throw it away. They will lose their faith. So they are going to change it from one hand to another hand. So you imagine that you are carrying a fire in your hand, and it’s burning you. You cannot throw it away, you gotta change it to another hand, in a little bit you are going to change to another hand. In a little bit you are going to change to another hand. That’s how it’s going to be.

Holy Prophet saying, carrying faith, carrying my sunnat, carrying faith according to my sunnat. Not a faith that you think that you know everything, wahabi squareheads and those who is calling themselves ahla sunnat. Not listening to their shaykh,, not listening to their master, not listening to their murshid. And claiming to know. You are becoming another wahabi. At least that one has nobody to go to consult. But you know. You have. And you are doing it again according to your ego. You don’t consult. Why is that? Because your ego doesn’t like it. Of course, how is it going to do otherwise, later how you are doing to accept secular lifestyle in your life again? When the shaykh says to you, don’t go here, don’t do this, don’t do that work, don’t go to this place, don’t move here. Don’t… how you are going to carry it that time?

So you still call yourself from the strangers? No. the strangers are those ones that Holy Prophet in that time saying to them, you don’t do this anymore, and they stop, no matter what, they stopped. They didn’t run back to do that. They give their life, but they didn’t run back to that. So there was a lifestyle. Islam came to teach us how to live. Islam is not something to talk about it. Islam is not something to debate! Islam, it’s a lifestyle, you have to put it in your life!!! You didn’t live tomorrow. You don’t know what tomorrow is preparing for you. If you are going according to your routine, you are going to live routine lifestyle.

That’s how it is. That’s why the Muslims they have fallen into this completely heedless station. Complete darkness. Islam is not telling you to disconnect yourself from the world. Islam is teaching you how to keep your faith, how to keep the teaching of Holy Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam in your life. While you are in living in those places. And not to become one of them. That’s what Islam is teaching. That’s what Prophet is teaching. That’s what these one who is giving order by the Prophet alayhi salam wa tu salam, he is there to teach you. Nothing else.

If you follow, you will win. If you don’t follow, you following your ego. The shaytan is the teacher of your ego. So the awliyah saying, if you don’t have a shaykh, meaning you don’t follow your shaykh, your shaykh is shaytan. Shaytan is make you to go to directions. You are going to start believe you are right 100%. Even if the Prophet gets up from the grave, you are not going to accept it. Is that what happened to so many people that you know in your lives? Your family members, do you know? Is that what happen to them? Yes. No matter what you say, it’s not going to work. Because they believe this is it, this is it. how is it? this is it. well, routine. Islam is not accepting routine, every day is coming with a different secrets. You have to treat yourself to that. inshAllah ar Rahman


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