Question: Can you please explain what does it mean to do things for Allah’s sake.

Very easy, we follow what the Prophet asws says. What does the prophet mean, we follow what our shaykh says. To do things for Allah’s sake. To do things, knowing that Allah swt is looking at us. To be in zikr, in remembrance of him, to be sincerely knowing that he is with us, when we are doing it. And to not expect anything from this world as a reward, saying that, “Allah is enough for me, I am doing this for Allah sake. If Allah wants to reward me for this, He may. If Allah doesn’t want to reward, who am I to say anything?”

But what is the reason for doing it for Allah’s sake. In our way, we don’t do things for Allah’s sake to get something in return. We do things for Allah’s sake, number one, let’s for real, number one, to clean up all the dirtiness we carry before we met shaykh effendi. Number two, to please Allah, to please Him. Pleasing the Prophet, we are doing things for our shaykh’s sake here. To please our shaykh, not to get something. Not to do something, so that our shaykh can give us something. But just for him to be pleased, just for him to smile at us. Just for him to say, Afferen. That is enough for us that this whole world and everything in this creation cannot give us, cannot offer us because that is enough now. And that, that smile now and that happiness, that physical show, testimony has become so rare now. That is rare, it cannot exist anymore. That now we have to get it from a different way, a spiritual way.

More we are doing things for Allah’s sake, more that time he will be happy with us. Our Prophet will be happy with us, Allah swt will be happy with us. And if they are happy with us, they put sakinah in our heart, contentment. That time, the whole world can try to do something to you, you are not going to lose your faith. You are not going to be depressed, you are not going to be sad. Because if you please Allah, you pleased everything, everything that is pleased with Allah is pleased with you.

So inshAllah Ar-Rahman, that is our intention, to do things for Allah’s sake. Does that mean to do things for Allah’s sake, you may not gain something from it? Somewhere somehow? Of course it does. Does that mean that other people are not going to gain? Of course it does. But it is just like you are planting a grain and what comes out it is a straw. What comes out it is a wheat. If you have faith, this dunya, Allah is also opening up for you. It has been commanded to serve those ones who serve Allah. But don’t think dunya serving you means you are going to get one jet aeroplane, you are going to get beautiful mansion.

You are not going to get everything dunya is going to offer you the way it offers the unbelievers. When the dunya is serving the believers it is something else completely. When the dunya serves the believers, you see and you feel the hands of Allah, the Kerim of Allah, and the power of Allah, and it makes you to be closer to Allah. It doesn’t put a satr between you and Allah.

InshAllah ar-Rahman, we plan, our intention is to do things for the sake of Allah, and that time, dunya will be given, Ahirat is also given. But we are concentrating on ahirat, not on the dunya, although it maybe given to us. And the way our shaykh is making us to concentrate, is to make our Lord to be happy with us. It is, we are not here doing things, worshiping and doing other things to say, “oh today let me see, let me calculate I gain this much in paradise. I made this much castles. I gain this many things,” no.

It is knowing if Allah is happy with us. Because Allah is happy with us, that is our maksud, our Prophet asws and our shaykh to be pleased with us. It is for the pleasure of Allah swt. Those who have been in love, they understand this. If you haven’t been in love, you don’t know what the heck I am talking about. That’s why they say, they came to mawlana Rumi, wanting to be in tarikat, he says, “you ever falling in love.”

They says, “no.”

“Then go, fall in love, and then come back to us, Then you will understand.”

May Allah raise the station of our shaykh higher and higher, inshAllah. Our grandshaykh. May Allah raise our Holy Prophet asws, his station higher and to forgive us and keep us in safety. To keep us in strength and to keep us in clarity in those very dark and confusing times. Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam alaykum.

Sohbet by Shaykh Lokman Efendi
Jun 30, 2015